The main ways how to keep game hunting

Processing technology of poultry is somewhat different from processing of poultry. The game process in accordance with the terms and conditions of storage. Caught the game, usually processed immediately after shooting. First game should be hung or placed in the shade in order that it is cold and wet. The hunters caught specifically for this game hung on a belt or placed in a special grid.

First, following the shooting of another nature should be polyporaceae. this operation is carried out for 1-3 hours. Remove the stomach and intestines. This operation is carried out with a hook through the anus, either with a knife make a hole in the abdomen.

If it’s cold outside, olopatadine can be carried out later, with the bird in the cold and the frost that does not happen. When the bird was the primary treatment, but still no substance, that is, olopatadine conducted, it is possible to store up to seven days at a temperature of from 5 to 10 Seconds.

Is there a way to store olopatadine poultry up to 6 days at a temperature of 22 Seconds. In the abdomen and throat clogged birds introduce sprigs of spruce and juniper. So you can keep upland game birds – doves, partridges, grouse, and others. Needles and mozhevelnik isolated essential oils and allow you to preserve the carcass. Needles you can replace table salt, which is rubbed into the cut abdomen. On the same carcass hunted birds usually need 2 tablespoons to 1 teaspoon of salt, depending on the size of the birds. Bird you can also RUB salt, but you can handle inside the carcass of vinegar.

More storage bird used mustard. The mustard powder poured bloody place, eyes, fall asleep inside the carcass to 1 spoon of powder and beak. After this treatment, the poultry can be stored up to seven days. Some hunters combine the methods and use salt and mustard or salt and vinegar. Can the inside of the carcass and into the esophagus put the cut onion.

Carry out the salting, drying and Smoking carcasses of game that allows you to store them long term. Salted carcasses of game in the dry or wet method as well as with the use of injection.

Injection is used for pickling as plucked and neoshamanic birds. Hunters to do this, use a solution of common salt, which is introduced cold with a syringe. The solution was injected in several places of the carcass.

Dry method is used for the salting of carcasses of poultry that are fully plucked and gutted completely. The salting lasts about a week.

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