The main methods of hunting the wolf

Wolves amount to several hundreds of thousands in our country and grow in connection with toughening of rules of hunting and reorganization of the Institute of Rangers.

Often wolves can be seen near human settlements. Many hunters catch the animal, using traps «wolf pit», by snowmobiles and helicopters, and some prey the classical way.

First, hunt down a wolf, and second, a lever units.

Considerable demand is hunting traps with bait or without. Some hunt with dogs, which is extremely dangerous for the latter. As an experienced wolf’s attack is able to kill the Horta, and even of the wolfhound.

The wolf is intelligent, cautious and very cunning beast. If you decide to hunt it a trap, then this matter should be approached very carefully. To store the trap in a dry, ventilated place where there are no odors. This shoes, tobacco smoke, gasoline, kerosene, household chemicals, etc.

Below the trap is rusted you need to lubricate the melted butter and put into a clean linen bag. If we talk about traps, they are very large, weighing 2-2. 5 kg they Have a very powerful plate springs of steel and the height of the brackets, see Brackets more than 12 in a deflated condition, should rather fit snugly to each other and necessarily uniformly.

A few days before hunting trap should be prepared. Clean with sandpaper, then boil for 20 minutes in boiling water with fresh branches of spruce, pine or fir, and then hang to air out. This is done to kill odors iron, because they can alert the wolf. Additional camouflage concealing odors is oglasevanje. This trap should be placed in cold water and put on cold. Carry the trap should be in the bag full of fir and spruce branches. To install used plain gloves designed just for this purpose. They should be stored in the bag. In other actions the hunter must be other gloves. Before you set the trap, you should find a suitable place where there is fresh the tracks of a predator, and there is a high probability that the wolves will move on this place.

To put a trap need very carefully, use a special brush for masking and covering up the place where you set the trap. In order not to frighten the wolf needed to restore a trail to follow. Use for these purposes, the front paw of the wolf. That pack of wolves in the neighborhood show their footprints, feces, remains of their prey. If the trap is dark, and he emerges through the snow, then you need to put a new white sheet of paper between the snow and trap, so it was not noticeable. And now all that’s left to do is to cover their tracks. Should not remain a single trace of the man, his tracks filled with snow, which is taken behind.

Wolf’s den

To search the lair gave good results, it is necessary to locate the wolf pack. The first step is to interview local residents, Rangers and hunters about where he saw a wolf, from the habitat where the most active. If the place of residence of the wolves quite a lot of food and no one bothered, they are a few years stay in one place. Favorite place wolves are made of elk skin trails, clearings, roads. If you see quite a lot of traces of the predator, it indicates that close to their lair. You should pay attention on the banks of rivers or ponds. Thoroughly inspect roadsides, ravines and ditches. It is best to explore early in the morning, especially if it was raining, then the traces of the beast even better sight.

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