The main methods of fishing for pike

How can you catch this predator? What is the most effective way? Let’s review.

1. Catching pike on the imitation fish.

To create imitation fish takes the fishing line approximately 0.03 – 0.05 mm, attached to her hook (it is desirable to take tee). Float is not necessary. Cut the stick into a slingshot. It pulls the line «eight», because when you bite it will be easy to go with the slingshot and give the fish caught, the ability to «walk» and not break. On the hook put on live bait (you can take a perch, a gudgeon, Rudd, Dace).

Fish sazalee to the back, trying not to damage the spine. Our live bait needs to move actively, attracting the attention of pike. Zherlits prepare several and place them on the waterfront. This method of fishing is best suited for fishing on the lake. It is advisable to try this type of fishing at night. For this night put imitation fish, and in the morning we go to check. The catch is guaranteed.

2. Spinning.

Most of all, this method is used in the spring. This time of year the water is still not overgrown with grass and spinning does not cling to the shoots. Better fishing will be in small, bright streams, as pike goes into small places to bask in the sun and the bite is likely secured. As bait it is best to use a jig. It is advisable to take copper, a little faded, medium size. Brass is also nice. If the bite is not very good, should try a big, spinning spoon, lowering it deeper.

3. Fishing on mugs.

This method is suitable only for ponds with stagnant water. Cut a circle from a floating material (color preferably dark so as not to scare the fish). It is fixed line. Attached to her hook. Hook size depends on which instance you’re planning to catch. The more of pike found in the lake, the greater the hook. Him catch bait fish, the choice is your choice, but preferably such a view, which is found in this pond. The fish let go to such a length to enable it to move away from the mug away, then the predator will not be afraid to approach the bait. You can come up with some flags on the circles below the line was seen from afar, and was able to quickly remove the catch.

Fishing pike in winter, requires knowledge of their habitat, you need to have an idea when the fish comes closer to the coastline, some bottom fishing. Only with this knowledge, you can expect to catch.

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