The little-known subtleties of hunting woodcocks

Everyone knows the huge love hunters to this beautiful bird. For many woodcock can also become the first and most popular hunting game.

In Russia the most popular methods of hunting woodcock shooting on the spring rod or hunting with a setter in the fall. But there are also other less-known ways.

Hunting on the water

Since the second half of August, woodcock in the evening loves to fly on swimming. This usually occurs on forest pools, lakes, river banks without herbs or shoals, where poida livestock. Birds arrive from dawn until dark.

For successful and efficient hunting need to follow some simple rules. For the end of August it is best to come to hunt in 20-21 hours Moscow time. The launch of new capacities on the shore should provide the maximum angle of fire and water hands. For best visibility you should be facing West, because hunting is at dusk.

Don’t want to shoot the first snipe of the profits. They will be able to enjoy bath time with their special «urkuma» sounds to encourage a few others.

Hunting «the swamp»

Since the middle of July both old and young woodcocks regularly fly on an abandoned track roads, open meadows, pastures of cattle.

These places serve as a source of food for shorebirds. Find a place feeding the birds is easy. After they left a characteristic trail: white droppings, paw prints and holes from the bill. For hunting on the feeding grounds, you need to start before sunset, while carefully disguised. To collect carcasses of birds after the hunt, so as not to scare other birds. It should be remembered each fall Kulik.

Hunting «in drops»

In case of a rainy summer and fall season, there is a possibility to hunt woodcock so-called method of hunting «drops».

During rainy weather woodcocks because of the fear of the falling water with the leaves of the trees move from the forest to the clean meadows, marshes sometimes even on winter wheat fields.

In bad weather Kulik sits very well, can keep like a dog, and hunter. Since wet birds because of the rain, they fly slow and is a good target

Hunting for autumn deadlift

This type of hunting continues, since the second half of September, where are the summer and spring pull.

It takes place from sunset to the deep of the dark. Autumn pull Kulikov much worse than spring or summer.

Autumn woodcock flies much faster than in the spring. Often observed fighting males, when the shorebirds flying in pairs or rarely in threes and fours.

Therefore, it can be argued that hunting in the autumn and deadlift much harder than others. Extraction of waders on autumn thirst extreme luck.

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