The jig burbot

Burbot can be fished with ice on the rivers and lakes. Many fishermen love and respect that one hundred percent of the predator, which is nil by mouth no Arno, no worm, no Shitik. Not to mention the inattentive ruffs and gudgeons. Sometimes even does not disdain his own offspring. His meat is always meat with legs, with a tail. Burbot fishing is good because to participate in it everyone can. In a normal winter day fishing for up to 16 17chasov. And this at a time when other anglers are rushing home, we can proudly say that staying on burbot. Put a dozen donok and verify hours before 8-9 PM. If you run into a bite, you can stay a little longer. Well, no, because a few hours in the fresh air will not be to the detriment of health. But it is necessary to gather to catch burbot purposefully, not hurrying in the meeting. Usually the bait is ruff, which is cut into pieces and nagisetty on the hook. Fishing starts with drilling holes and putting donok. Donka – a wooden reel 15 meters of fishing line, a sliding sinker and a hook No. 5(Sov.). Big hooks to put undesirable, as night, along with burbot caught a good Nosara and bream, of which large hooks are not to my liking. After 7-8 PM check the gear every half hour. It was at this time the normal first peak of the bite burbot. But then he quiets down by midnight. Then begins before dawn. This scheme is average – affects the bite a lot of factors. Weather, the moon, the water level and the fishery may sometimes nullify all the efforts of the angler. Maybe for someone fishing for burbot, and winter nights, boring and unsportsmanlike. Supposedly, the worm in the hole. And then go and burbot off. It may be so. And the rustle of a winter night, the aftershocks fish, rises to the hole, the warmth of the fire! If it is uninteresting, there are still burbot fishing on mormyshka. When finally more or less clear in what areas he wanted to have burbot, catch him can vary. And here begins interesting mormyshka fishing. Is spinning with a foam handle and an open coil. A nod is made from elastic plastic. Fishing line is 0,18-0,20 mm fishing line tied To the jig, the hook must be No. 10(Sov.). Especially sharp, if dull, sharpen by needle file or changing the lure. The weight of the spinner ranges from 10 to 25 grams. On the hook puts a bunch of worms or a piece of ruff, piercing the skin. In any case, the stinger hook should be open, otherwise the cutting may be ineffective. Game spinners consists of taps — protjagivanija. A nibble is defined as suddenly dangling heaviness. Now done cutting. Usually burbot pinpoint for the upper jaw and into the hole rises without problems in the hand are given to elastic shocks. Sometimes to hook up with ruff tied a small lead with another hook and a bunch of worms on it. So sometimes good does the burbot.

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