The intricacies of catching bass in November

perch fishing in November

In November you can successfully catch any predator such as pike, Zander or perch. Of course, the success of fishing will depend on the proper approach to the choice of equipment, as well as places. On how to improve the odds and return home with a rich catch of talk in this article.

Perch fishing in November

Just note that in November to catch a predator becomes difficult because of the constant change of weather. However, the predator, especially in activity of walleye and perch sudden changes in pressure and change in wind direction is not particularly affected. Catching perch can be in strong winds, cloudy or Sunny weather, especially good perch caught, when there is rain.

In November, the perch bite is, like any other predator is not permanent, it comes out to feed at a certain time, and this may happen across the pond at once. On the activity of the fish, substantially reducing the temperature of the water and its transparency. Bass can see well, and because the water in November is crystal clear, he can easily notice the fisherman on the shore or seen floating bait.

Perch refers to the day the predator to catch it you can start from dawn until late evening. More chances to catch trophy bass in the early morning, in the afternoon mainly attack the bait for perch, weighing less than 250 grams, but can occur exceptions.

Promising for perch in November places

To find the flock perch active in late autumn you can always have snags near the dam, deep eyebrows, and bridge footings. Assuming good weather to catch perch on the areas where he had met during the summer and early fall. The bass always follows the plots on which concentrated youth white fish, which even in November, continues to feed on a familiar and rich food. Where’s his lot? Only there, where the summer catch bream, carp, crucian carp using a float and other gear.

Leave without attention to the shallow areas of the pond should not even in November, but only if it’s a few days worth of good, clear and warm weather. In the coastal zone to bask in the warm water will surely come a bevy of fry of white fish and then swim and perch. However, it is important to remember that the fall of atmospheric pressure is increased and the bass spends more time at depth, so it is enough to make a few casts to understand whether or not the predator broke.

Perch fishing on spinning

The closer the winter, the large flocks begin to stray this predator. November, despite many difficulties, it may be the most productive month in catching striped predator.

Catch you can try in the shallows, but more chances to catch a predator at a depth of 3 to 5 meters, or at the exit of the pit. A good place for fishing will be the area near the bridge piers or deep-water channel, which smoothly goes on the sandbar.

Wiring must be performed only on the bottom, so no need to invent anything, the steps are quite important to determine the speed and the interval between the broaches. If the bass is active, the transaction performed at a high speed with pauses of 3-5 seconds if the activity is weak it makes sense to reduce speed and pause to increase to 10-15 seconds.

Bait for perch in November

During this period to catch perch using small lures, spinners (rotating and oscillating). Also, excellent results can be obtained using as bait twisters, up to 5 cm.

Bait will fit in the principle of love, but preferred to catch bass on the rubber with a light ogruzka or on the bypass leash. From practice it to twisters and vibrohvost perch catch more and more. Bait after casting should not break away from the bottom surface to a height of five centimeters. It is better if it posting will be slowly dragged along the bottom, it is the behavior of the predator will react faster than if it will be more thicker.

Choosing the right lure combined with the casting and the wiring is more than half the battle. The rest depends on the weather, water temperature and transparency. In any case, going to the pond, remember, the first casts should be performed at some distance from the shore to a distance of 10 meters.

A few words about the technique of fishing

Wiring for perch in November, can be performed in several ways, the choice depends on the type of bait. So, if we catch a minnow, then the wiring is uniform, smooth, bait is thicker at a distance from the bottom to 25 cm Second way – step transaction, great if you use silicone baits (twisters, vibrohvosta).

On how to perform the step transaction we have considered above, therefore, it will not stop. Excellent results can be obtained using for fishing small lures medium of buoyancy and sinking. Note that this lure should be from 3.5 to 5 cm If the Wobbler to take larger, there is a risk of increasing the idle bites.

Fishing with microgy

This method of fishing used most often, because it manages to provoke the attack even passive bass. How successful fishing depends on many factors that every angler need to consider. Bait, gear, weather this brings to the positive result.

What is microdis?

The main difference from the usual MICRODIA is only in the size and weight of the head. As for rubber, it is the same as that of a conventional jig fishing.

Head weight is determined depending on the depth for the selected fishing area. Most anglers focus on the options with a weight of 7 grams. To throw such a light snap, the spinning must have a test not more than 10 grams with a minimum value of 0 grams. The advantage of this gear in sensitivity, even the slightest touch of the predator to the bait will not remain unnoticed, to allow timely cutting.

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