The intricacies of carp fishing on large reservoirs

The intricacies of carp fishing on large reservoirs

You decided to go fishing on reservoirs with a large area? There are a lot of questions: where to start? You will be kitted out? Where the fish are and how to find it? Big lake is considered if its area is more than fifteen acres.

For carpfishing a different approach is needed on these waters than fishing on medium-sized and small lakes. Talk about your snap for such bodies, it should provide you with long and extremely long throw. To withstand the load when playing carp with depth and from the bushes.

From the beginning needs to determine where the fish, if the object of the search is a big carp, then your task is complicated many times over. Most fishermen look for a place before going there, and eventually left without a catch. All this happens in a big pond. Karp lives far from your fishing spot, and catch it then almost impossible.

The habits of the carp

In the described reservoirs, there are 2 kinds of carp. One type is a food base in some areas of the reservoir for a long time, the second type is moved through the reservoir in small flocks of ten to twenty individuals.

Carp, who lead a sedentary life cycle, choose in the reservoir space with a variety of terrain to fish we will accordingly in such floodplains. Fisherman who wants to catch a lot of fish in our lake, should take into account the entire history of fishing on this pond.

How to search for migratory fish

All known habitats of carp popular for catching this species. On these bodies of water are always a lot of willing fish. Not to be left without a catch, you should be able to hunt for migratory fish, in flocks sometimes come across large specimens of carp. We will give some tips for this occasion.

Playing a carp

An experienced angler will quickly notice the changes on the surface of the pond.

Any water splash or excitement for no reason points to the fact that it was fish and on the pond where carp will be visible to different circles of large and medium size, giving the possibility to assume the place of feeding carp. But if the circles differ in different places, the most likely of all, we see migratory carp. General role in this case will play a distance from the coastal line. If spikes re-appear on the surface of the pond and distance more than five meters from the first fire, it can be concluded that the migrating carp in the pond and moved to another feeding place. In this case, you need to look for the water surface to determine the area of the reservoir is moved to feed the carp. And it makes sense to throw your line on the migration path of fish that the bait was in the area of the fish movement.

Can help night on the pond

At night you can’t see plays the fish – we can only hear. If you stayed the night, always look and listen in both. Night is the best time to find carp sounds, as from physics it is known that in the night the sound waves are distributed well over the water. If you are going to sit some time on the beach and listen to the sounds, you will identify which area of the body of water was heard splashing and commotion the carp in the Bush, then move to that location.

What to do if you are not able to see the fish.

From fishing practices, we can assume that the carp may not be far from apparent specific relief of the reservoir.

It can last several years of living in one place, where there are snags and driftwood. Here carp are very confident, and he has a forage base in the form of snails and mussels.

If you are not able to see the fish, and the lake has a homogeneous type, it is necessary to apply the strategy for the movement in the wind. All carp family are very responsive to changes in the wind and like to move in the wind. Since the windward side is stronger saturated with oxygen, and provided with food, which the wind moves in that direction. In small places the wind can create the dregs at the bottom, and at the time of such formation often appears carp.

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