The influence of wind on the catch

Every angler is familiar with the fact, as the presence of wind. Whatever the weather, the wind is always present. The availability of complete calmness during cool weather when the sun can hide behind a light cloud. This weather is considered the most ideal to catch as many fish as possible. But the life of every angler may occur a situation where the enemy of the spinner will be a breeze. But if you follow a few simple tips in windy weather can catch, and reception, even very good.

There is an opinion that in certain areas the greatest effect will be from catching it in windy weather. All types of wind can be divided into several groups: wind in the back, wind in your face, the wind, the wind against the tide.

So, let’s deal with the first type of wind. It is ideal for casting, spinning in the far distance, which may be unavailable in calm weather. In addition, the influence of wind on the wiring is almost unnoticeable. It is a great advantage when fishing near the holes directly to them. Also, this weather is ideal for driving near snags.

To throw a long distance, it is necessary to take into account the windage of the lure. As a rule, the main characteristic of Babikov is that they have very little windage. After they can go poranki. Great windage have bait made of silicone. An equally important factor is the method of installation of a particular bait. Sometimes it is necessary to remove the winding ring and attach the hooks directly into the crocodile. This is necessary in order to avoid rotation of the lure in the air. And, let me tell you, significantly reduces casting distance. Do not forget that the jig head can parasite much more than usual the past?

The presence of wind in the direction of flow. In this case, throws the spinning necessarily in the direction of the wind. And than lower to the water the cast, the better. The easiest option throw in this wind is cast on the side. Some believe that this reflux may decrease the range. Usually, this plays no role. Much worse than the case when a high throw by the wind may form a huge loop, which may affect the sensitivity and the change in trajectory transaction. In this case, it is necessary that the transaction has been shortened due to the fact that the force of the current and wind will help you pull the load from the bottom.

If the prevailing wind blowing against the current, the particular adjustments do not need to spend. The main point which you should pay attention to slow the rate of fall bait. During this time, the characteristic wind blowing is a slight arc on the line. This can be avoided by increasing the weight of sinkers and the highest number of revolutions of the winding mechanism.

With a headwind is nothing special. You just try to throw as harder to break the wind. Also, it is desirable that the spinning was tilted to the water.


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