The influence of cloudiness on the bite

Every fisherman sooner or later started to think about the chances of increasing the catch. Little things can be many: starting from the hook and ending with the weather. So just the same about the weather we talk, namely, on the cloud.

In every season, clouds can affect the bite. What do you think, what is the cause of temperature increase in winter and decrease it in the summer? The answer is clear! And along with the change in temperature changes the pressure of the wind and even such seemingly minor factors as the illumination of the water column. This causes a number of factors. So cloudy you can put the head over all things beside weather, bring success in fishing and Vice versa.

Clean and cloudless sky in the summer, especially in hot weather is a great time for fishing: warm and dry… so says the fisherman. But we catch fish! And she on this account a different opinion: the absence of clouds in summer leads to significant heating of the water, so the bite may greatly deteriorate, if not cease. Do not underestimate this factor! People and fish feel quite differently a person can feel the difference of the temperature change of water by 1 degree, and for fish this is a pretty good jump. All of this was readable in the 7th grade biology textbook. This has the fish structure. But in winter, when the sun is shining, the bite improves, because the water warms up a bit, although again we will not notice it. There is a caveat: in the absence of clouds in the winter, especially if for about a week kept cold, and the wind is low, preferably Western areas (PDS, PD, PDS), the bite can significantly improve.

If the cloud cover is solid and low, the appetite and fish activity is reduced. This is especially noticeable when the wind increases and the temperature varies (summer is dwindling, and winter on the rise). If the cloud cover is solid, but high, and the temperature does not change, and there is no wind, then you can expect sustainable fish.

I want to note that in the summer, especially before a storm or during a storm of rain and provided that no strong wind can quite successfully catch pike, carp, chubs and carp. In the storm the biting stopped completely, but after her biting very sharply increases in intensity, but it lasts less than half an hour. I must say that summer is generally after the rain, fish are caught much better subject to certain conditions: the water level is not increased, the weather changed abruptly, the water is not muddy. Along with other factors the fish may well bite if you have a small or moderate cloudiness.

It’s time to take stock. The article itself is entirely composed of nuances and secrets, so the main thing is just to analyze and to understand – what is now I want a fish and if she’ll even bite. Can add that it is very useful to keep a diary and write down the necessary information for analysis of the following fishermen.

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