The hunt for carp. Tips for beginners

Do not think that fishing is a simple affair. Modern technology has transformed this process into a ritual that requires an individual approach. Suppose you are a professional, familiar with all techniques and types of fishing, then you can not do without modern equipment, a variety of baits and lures, rods of different weights and different lengths… But if you’re a fan of? If such a variety of gear just no funds? Is not a problem, take a simple bamboo pole, torn from purchased this morning for dinner bread fresh crumb and the pond. Even with this approach, without a catch will not.

Today we’re going to carp, and try to learn something new, while not forgetting the already learned knowledge. First, a little information. Carp – fish of the carp family. It is found in almost every pond, where they have developed aquatic vegetation, because it feeds mainly on algae, occasionally small invertebrates. The maximum weight that you can expect when fishing for carp to three pounds, but such instances are a rarity. The most common option – a trophy the size of a palm of an adult. Bite carp pretty interesting. Often, the carp don’t play with bait, as it likes to perch and small roach. If the carp bite, then grabs the bait almost immediately, without hesitation. Float or drastically lead in the direction of, or drown, or Vice versa, he will rise up, sometimes even «lie» on the surface, as if you put a little depth. The carp is very tenacious, no water can be quite a long time, so the storage methods catch a carp fishing can not particularly think.

The first is to explore the pond, on which you travel. For example, it is a swampy lake, with pronounced vegetation. Remember that each fish species has a certain life cycle, so you should know what time the fish feeds, in which it rests, the effect on the behavior of fish weather and that, in fact, loves to eat the object of your fishing desires. All this can be learned from the local fishermen, or fill your cones themselves by analysis of samples. By the way, on «rules of life» fish we will discuss in our subsequent discussions, let’s get back to our fishing. Carp were particularly active in the period 6-10 a.m. this is the time he wakes up and starts to feed. When the sun rises and enough warm water, the fish calms down and may not even notice your bait. Accordingly, it is time to go to sleep early in the evening and before six o’clock already be on the beach. Important is the choice of location for fishing. Usually the fishermen sit in an open area, which provides a great view of the entire surface of the lake. See if you have natural obstacles for casting, because often some thread to cause breakage of the gear. Better to throw in the district of reeds, to water clusters of nettles, but if we are dealing with a steep Bank, the ideal option will be cast directly under a shore where the fish settles himself burrows. As for bait, about the selection and preparation of which I told you earlier, the carp — fish are omnivorous, they would taste like bread dough, and a worm with a maggot. But what we have to tackle?

The word «equipment» refers to tools for fishing. There are an incredibly huge number of items, because technological progress does not stop, and fishing minds are always coming up with something new to help yourself and your colleagues «rod». In our «Amateur» version of this curb rod and a container for caught fish. The rod you choose should be lightweight (but strong enough, lie comfortably in the hand, be of a sufficient length for casting. Often, it is the casting distance affects the result of the fishing. If the fish are inactive, the bait need to get her almost to the mouth. Only then did she dare to bite. Of course, it would be good to have in your Arsenal several rods of different lengths (labeled them respectively the length, respectively, and are called «three», «four», «five», etc.). But we are not yet so equipped, so I advise you to choose the length of the rod solely by the comfort of working with it. In a pinch, you can always increase the casting distance by increasing the length of the line. If you choose the latter, try to use the thread as smaller diameter, but do not forget about strength (ideal fishing line for carp fishing is 0.2 mm). The color of the line almost has no meaning, although in the classic version of gear use transparent fishing line. Further mounted on the fishing line float which will signal you about the bite. It is important that the float was bright color (acid red, sometimes green), the color must be distinctly different from the color of the water in our pond. If the lake has no waves, trickle (the tip) of the float should look out of the water as little as possible, you’ll see better the bite, the gear become more sensitive. When fishing on the waves it’s Vice versa. Proceed to the choice of hook. Too small hooks can be too fragile at that time, as a very large will not fit in the mouth of even our carp. Here already on taste and color… and the size of the fish that go fishing.

Before you start fishing to adjust the bait so the float was informative and pretty peeking out of the water. To do this, use a sinker, which might be even lying next to a rock. But with the container for caught fish can not bother, will fit almost anything. Moreover, the fishermen have a saying: if you long to choose where to put caught fish, caught nothing. In the simplest case, this can be a plastic bag filled with water. And if it wasn’t there, and the fish itself jumps on the hook, use the old-fashioned way. Tear from a tree branch with a length of 50-60 cm, remove the leaves and shoots. One end of the branches sharpened, and the second Express a process with a length of not less than two inches, at an acute angle to the branch. See the fish through the gills and mouth on a branch like a shish kebab on a skewer. Let the method a little cruel, but in the absence of other means ( and if you don’t plan to release the fish) is the best fit.

Rod assembled, and now is the time to adjust the depth. It is known that the carp takes the bait from the bottom, where it feeds on. By moving the bobber a custom rig so that the hooks with the bait lying on the bottom, while the sinker was in limbo. When after casting float with some difficulty, but still occupies a vertical position above the water (even better with a slight slope), tackle ready for fishing. Cast, wait And let the long minutes of waiting does not put you in a stupor, in this expectation, too, have the pleasure that you feel from the very first movement of the float. And here he starts to twitch, «run» along the surface of the water, sinking before your eyes. Cutting! Well you are so much bait? Lips the fish tender, you can tear off with such force. Cutting should be smooth, with feeling. And hurry up anywhere is not worth it if the fish on the hook, to draw out it it is necessary carefully, without jerks. Do not seek as fast as you can pull the fish out of the water. In the water the fish weight less, respectively, break tackle less risk. Move the fish to the shore and carefully, taking the line near the hook, pull on the shore. Well, the first pancake is always lumpy, but give up is not worth it, throws it again, now just get…

And while you’re waiting for the fish to bite watching the float, I notice that the following meetings on pages of our site, I will tell you about additional gear to the fishermen, who sometimes are very helpful in the process of fishing.

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