The herring fishing on the Volga

When the Volga river was deep and wide. She is currently heavily shoaled, but that does not stop the avid fishermen a little glimmer of dawn to go fishing. I especially love the fishermen to go here for herring. This fish is very delicious, not only in pickled form. And caught with my own hands seems tastier. Early herring went here mainly from may to July, but now because of climate change, it is quite possible to catch from March to November.


Herring generally can only be fished by spinning or gum, other methods are prohibited, if you do not have a license to catch. The only prohibition for fishing with spinning, it is possible to catch from late may to early June, this period of herring spawn observed.

Herring is quite large from a few grams to half a kilogram. Found in the Caspian and the black sea. The Caspian is larger than the black sea. You can catch from shore or from a boat, the boat will naturally turn out to catch more.

The choice of location

This fish usually well caught on the river Akhtuba and slightly lower Volga hydroelectric power station.

Spinning. If you don’t want to pay the fine, then catch solely on him. With a float rod and fishing a jig rig is illegal. For fishing choose a simple spinning rod with a conventional reel without twists. We choose to store a small spoon with a red dot on it, use a medium hook size No. 7, the line thickness of 0.5.

The herring loves the warm water, therefore to fish it in shallow water.

What to catch

As mentioned above it is best to catch herring on a special spoon small size. But there is another way. Most often, when hungry fish after spawning, it would get caught on the so-called flies. But in order not to get trapped with them before you buy or make a front sight, look to the fauna of the place where it’ll catch. Take only fly in the form of those insects that are found in the habitat of the herring.


It is better to catch fish immediately after spawning, at the beginning of June to mid-August, then it will have a nice thickness. From late August to October to catch the heavy herring will not work, because prior to this period she was already losing weight. But since the beginning of October through November will go again good copies. Best time of day for catching afternoon. In the fall the fish are biting near the shore and in summer far from the coast.

Remember all these rules, follow them, and then your fishing trip can be a very hazardous activity that will bring good success and will be a heavy trophy.

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