The gun of Mr-153 the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

The gun of Mr-153 the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

MP-153 is a semi — automatic, shotgun. It is used for hunting, sport shooting and security structures. In 2000, gunsmiths developed a new model Mr-153s. Often it is used by security service. The people that gun fondly calls «Whiskers».

Since the weapon is single-barreled, and its weight is quite acceptable to 3.45 kg MP-153 with a length of 1280 mm and has a barrel whose length is 750 mm.

For loading the guns used cartridges from 12/70 to 12/89.

The receiver is made from aluminum alloy. The types of forend and buttstock are wood and plastic.

Can be installed on different shotgun chokes.

During firing the last cartridge, the frame shutter remains in the extreme position. This gives you the opportunity to reduce the time for urgent pre-charge, and discards any doubts about the cutoff.

Grenade shop holds 4 rounds. This figure can be increased by using a specific extension. Despite the fact that Mr-153 4 charger if you have a basic package, you can charge at the same time 5 rounds. 4 of them will go to the store, and one in the trunk. There are various modifications of the butt and forend. They are nutty, with shock absorber made of rubber and plastic.

The trigger mechanism is equipped with a reliable security system. With non-automatic fuse, you can lock the trigger. Also, the prevention system is activated during the shot when the shutter is not closed.

When buying a gun, very carefully inspect it. Sometimes a defective product when the barrel leads or poorly-designed bolts. Pay attention to the ring in the barrel, it should be smooth and tolerable. Then it is clear that the barrel correctly swerlin. Examine the bar of the sight. It should be smooth. Also, high quality must have rear sight.

The gun sight should be exactly in the center of rear sight. When you examine the shutter, be careful with the pins, sometimes there nezakonnye samples. This problem can be overcome independently. If, upon inspection of the guns in the store, the problem arises with uncomfortable charging the cartridges to the store, especially not worry, this problem can be solved at home with the use of a file.

Ask the seller to show you the whole range of guns, they often neglect it.

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