The gun OF 93 Farmer characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

The gun OF 93 was first released in 1993, his second name was due to the particularly intended application. This weapon was originally created for farmers to protect farms and hunting. The gun has several modifications, but their characteristics are similar.

The gun OF 93 compatible with trunks twelfth and twenty-eighth caliber, and the standard for many models of cartridges length of 70 mm. Shells, you can use metal, plastic or paper. In the farm often have to be vaccinated or to immobilize animals, there is a special feature that allows you to shoot syringes. Trunks are also used with light rounds using a 4-block warning device. Custom weapons can be made with individual selection of various calibers of gun. The gun is characterized by the presence of the protective coating of all parts, a good accuracy of the battle and a special reliable preservation if the delivery is expected in the far regions. The production of such weapons is limited, but in large gun shops you can find.

The first model of the gun had a plastic stock and forearm, this design was not very reliable, could not bear prolonged exertion and was short-lived. After model refinement, further production was to use wire and rubber for the manufacture of butt and butt pad, it was decided to remove the stream from the device. The barrel has a length of 400 mm, and the total gun length is equal to 805 mm. Gun has a small weight, usually not more than 2 kg is Attached to the barrel with an unconventional method – in the appropriate caliber main gun, with vzvinchivanie clutch is attached to the barrel of smaller caliber – twelfth or twenty-eighth. Analogues of such guns in the Western countries. In accordance with the law, weapons with short barrels can only be used by law enforcement officers.

When you transfer the gun OF 93 disassembled into two parts and become very convenient for transportation. The platoon drummer keys in design is used instead of the traditional fuse. The downside is too tight the body of the drummer, but it can fix itself, reducing the resistance force of the mechanism.

The gun OF 93 Farmer characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

For a smaller impact in the implementation of a shot from a farmer’s gun, it is recommended to select cartridges with polutanata, using the powder or pyrodex. Smokeless powder is used, if you provide when you twist the lens a powerful boost pressure. Black powder simplifies and accelerates the process of independent manufacture of the cartridge.

The gun OF 93 can only be used in compliance with all safety regulations. You need to constantly check and tighten loose mechanisms. Before you install a new barrel, the main barrel must be thoroughly cleaned. Using a gun in rainy or cold weather, you should lubricate the parts with wax or oil, wiping the mechanisms oiled soft cloth. In the winter often occur misfires in the freezing guns to fix this situation summer it is recommended to remove grease, then wash in petrol the trigger mechanism and separation Boyko, on completion it is necessary to lubricate parts with oil for guns.

The benefits of a farmer’s gun over other models is the ability to use 4-caliber ammunition, the use of devices for self-protection, additional equipment for farming activities and the low price of this product armed.

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