The gun IZH-81 its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Hunting rifle IZH-81 is considered to be the first domestic pump, still known archers of the former Soviet Union only foreign militants. And in the end of 80-ies of the forces gunsmiths «Izhevsk mechanical plant» saw the light single-barrel repeating shotgun of the IZH-81. Designer, domestic pump, analyzing the whole experience of foreign manufacturers of such weapons («Winchester», «Mossberg», «Remington», etc.), and focusing on the wildly popular pump action shotguns in the United States of America, released to the consumer his model hunting weapons.

As in any similar shotgun, reloading the shotgun IL-81 is carried out by movement of the movable forearm. After the shot, the forearm needs to juggle that it will open the barrel channel and discard the discharged shell from the chamber, the new cartridge will be fed from the store and there will be a platoon of the trigger. The following is moving forward chambering a cartridge in the chamber. The recharge rate is high enough, you instantly make a few shots. The gun IZH-81 is produced in a tubular magazine of four rounds and box store for five. Model IZH-81 with a tubular magazine of domestic famous Riflemen under the name «eagle».

Hunting rifle IZH-81 has a 12-gauge. The fire lead shot, buckshot or bullets. «Izhevsk mechanical plant» offers versions of the shotgun under a conventional cartridge with a chamber length of 70 mm and chambered for Magnum type, with the length of the chamber is 76 mm.

The gun IZH-81 is a reliable low-maintenance weapon that is actively used for hunting and for self defense and protection. Specifically to private security agencies, IMZ has released several versions with shortened barrels: «Fox Terrier» with a folding plastic butt and Jaguar with the conventional example. The length of the barrel in these models IZH-81 600 and 560 mm, respectively. Despite the short barrel, the gun is very effective and it is often used instead of fighting instances of automatic weapons. On the basis of the pump action shotguns IZH-81 «Izhevsk mechanical plant» has released a new model with an index of IZH-82, which has a tubular and box magazine, and a selector switch that determines the used store. This model is known under the name «Baikal».

Overall, the gun «IZH-81» is a great option pump with its own advantages and disadvantages.

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