The gun IZH-58, its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Hunting smooth-bore gun IZH-58 is a classic hunting weapon. A horizontal arrangement of trunks, the inner chicken of the trigger and manual safety make hunting with this gun a pleasure. IZH-58 is ideal for commercial and Amateur hunting.

Issue smooth-bore gun IZH-58 began at the Izhevsk mechanical plant in 1958 and lasted almost thirty years. The model received index for the year of its release, was hugely popular. No joke, this shotgun Izhevsk gunsmiths was easy and very cheap. The consumer could not be noted these encouraging facts.

Shotgun IZH-58 20 gauge, chamber length of 70 mm and a barrel length of at 675mm. The shots from the barrels of weapons made by clicking on triggers, the two guns and they are independent. Like many other models of guns, shot from the right barrel carries a front hook shot left – back respectively. Gun barrel made of steel 50A, with additional chroming of internal channels. Wooden elements of the arms are made of beech or birch, copies of the piece of walnut. Lodge guns could be normal-straight or pistol.

Part of the metallic elements are covered with engraved and painted in black color. Muzzle narrowing of IZH-58 can be considered a standard, right — hand barrel choke, left barrel – polochak. Separate trigger mechanism made according to the «al-son-Dilla», the packing box has a stepped shape. All models are equipped with an extractor that was put forward shells when opening the gun. Weight various modifications IZH-58 usually does not exceed 3 kg.

Over the years the production of the Izhevsk mechanical plant has designed and manufactured a few modifications to smooth-bore gun IZH-58:

— IZH-58ma-20M. A remarkable modification of IZH-58 designed specifically chambered for «Magnum» and the sleeve 76 mm.

— IZH-58-16. The model chambered in 16 gauge and equipped with a non-automatic fuse. The model years 1960-1970.

— IZH-58-12. The model years 1971-1976. Shotgun 12-gauge rifled sighting strap and a non-automatic fuse.

— IZH-IZH and 58ma-58mae. Two models, production of which continued until 1986. Data released versions from the 12th and 16th caliber. Both versions had an automatic fuse, and the model IZH-58mae had and the ejector throws the spent cartridge case.

The main purpose of the smooth-bore gun IZH-58 is a professional and Amateur hunting for small game or fur animals. IZH-58 is a great prekladatele and balance. As mentioned above, the gun is very light, but precise and powerful. Shooting a shotgun IZH-58 can be carried out by a bullet, shot or buckshot. Quality, accuracy and accuracy of the IZH-58 high with any type of ammunition. All this, and more, and low cost made from a gun IZH-58 legend among shotgun with a horizontal arrangement of trunks. Repeated attempts to stop the release of IZH-58 and go to the production of other models met the requirements of local hunters to continue production of this fine weapon. Many love this model for its simple but high-quality processing, the reliability of the non-automatic fuse and clarity of the actuation of the trigger mechanism. Like any other weapon, «Izhevsk mechanical plant» a gun IZH-58 was produced not only production units, but also artificial, gift instances.

Smooth-bore gun IZH-58 is a first-class model of hunting weapons manufactured in the Soviet Union.

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