The gun IZH-12 shotgun at all times,its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

The gun IZH-12 shotgun at all times,its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Il-12 is one of the guns used for professional and sport hunting. It was built on the basis of the IZH-59 in the Soviet era in the distant 1962, Despite his age, he is considered to be one of the best bottlenow among his countrymen.

By its installation of Il–12 relates to smooth-bore weapons with a vertically coupled, calibre 12 or 16. The barrels are soldered using silver solder throughout its length, and can say that the power of the two guns from the gun to form a monolith. The creation of the Izhevsk engineer Klimov 12 gauge weighs 3.2 to 3.5 kg, while the length of the barrel equal to 730 mm, and the gun 16 gauge weighs in at 3.1–3.3 kg, barrel length — 720 mm. the size of the diameter of the barrel is 18.2 mm Ammunition needed for this type of weapon, hunting with a paper sleeve. Battle sharp, a good record of accuracy when firing such ammunition. Metal is not suitable, because the impact is growing, and fight the bad. In the cartridge chamber and the stem channels the deposited layer of chromium, it facilitates cleaning and protects the gun from rust. The trigger mechanism is made on the rear of the barrel. The device makes a soft trigger pull when cocked.

Also on the Il-12 have the fuse, the locking levers descent through which unplanned the shot is not going to happen. The gun is designed so that cleaning, inspection and simple Troubleshooting convenient to carry, since everything is in easy access. The wooden part of the gun is made of walnut or beech. The side of the box engraved. By passport data with Il-12 can be made 10,000 shots, but, as practice shows, the gun can shoot much more, without leaving the building.

In addition to all the advantages of this shotgun, as in all others, there are also disadvantages: fragile stream; a tight and very close, relative to each other placed release hooks; beveled plank of sight that goes at an angle for example of the gun; weak weight.

However, despite these weaknesses, the Il-12 is valued much higher than its streamlined descendant of Il-27 since Il-12 is simple, reliable and durable gun, it has a high quality. Those who used this gun for hunting was satisfied and would not exchange it with another.

The release of Il-12 played a major role in the development of Soviet production of hunting rifles and left a huge mark in history.

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