The gun Chapouis REX, its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

The gun Chapouis REX, its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Modern hunters are very fastidious in the choice of weapons, and to surprise them – not an easy task. The Russian market presents a variety of country manufacturers, among them: Italy, Austria, Germany and of course France. Elegant French rifles, noticeably stand out among others. A regular supply of French hunting rifles before the us began only in the late nineteenth century, however, they immediately attracted attention, since hunters do not overlook any new. The undisputed leader in the manufacture of guns – Firm Chapuis Armes.

Over the years, Chapuis Arm developed more than a dozen different models of shotguns and rifles, this weapon firm is widely famous across the globe. Almost every product can be called a work of art, because the Assembly and processing is carried out manually, through industrial logging, but the prices certainly match. The only part that does not produce Chapuis Armes – weapons-tube – it supplies the Belgian firm Delcour.

Today I will tell You about double-barrelled rifled hunting rifle from a group of hunting weapons Progress Artisan — Chapouis REX. The main advantage of uniting the double-barreled shotguns «Chapuis», is definitely a low weight – for hunters in Peru is not the most important criterion. Chapouis REX weighs 3.2 kg, the caliber 9,3h74. Change comes with the block smooth barrels, they are caliber – 20.

Design horizontal shotguns «Chapuis» easy to learn. Chapuis REX decorated with elegant arabesques and English hunting prints. By the way, the engraving on the shotguns of the line Artisan is also executed manually with the graver.

However, the French guns became famous not only exquisite outer prominent, but also great quality. The barrels are made of chromium vanadium steel, namely its composition due to the high forging properties. To protect the channels of shotgun barrels from corrosion and erosion coated with chrome.

Chapuis REX is equipped with a box lock and two trigger hooks, extractor, bed in walnut with pistol grip, lug under his cheek type of Monte Carlo) and the swivel bracket.

The gun brand Chapuis deservedly earned the love of many generations of hunters. Many years firm with a jeweler’s precision and a great love for his work painstakingly worked to create new and better models. It is not surprising that among hunters Chapuis – has become a household name synonymous with consistently high quality.

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