The gun Artemis: its characteristics,advantages and disadvantages,the new rifled choke for hunting from the Izhevsk mechanical plant

ruzhe artemida: ego harakteristiki,preimushchestva i nedostatki,novyy nareznoy shtucer dlya ohoty ot izhevskogo mehanicheskogo zavodaIn 2002, during the exhibition of weapons in Nuremberg domestic Izhevsk mechanical factory put on display to the public his new creation – threaded fitting. This model has two horizontal barrel MP-221 «Artemida» and is mounted to the cartridges 7,62×51. The weight of the fitting is 3.3 kg Izhevsk plant eventually plans to start production of other types of ammunition for the fitting, which is very important for hunters, who with the expansion of their types will have the opportunity to choose the right type for each animal. So, charge 9,3h74r will allow you to hunt even the largest and strongest animals, such as bears. Shooting in the mountains requires special conditions and special ammo, so I can’t use the cartridges 7,62h63 that produce in Barnaul. They are made type American weigh 10.9 and have a starting speed of about 800 m/sec.

ruzhe artemida: ego harakteristiki,preimushchestva i nedostatki,novyy nareznoy shtucer dlya ohoty ot izhevskogo mehanicheskogo zavodaThe trunks can have a length of 550 or 600 mm is located freely relative to each other, not bonded. Very convenient that fitting is a device that can be moved in the horizontal direction between the trunks. This allows finding the average point of impact of bullets between the trunks, and at any distance from the target, with any ammunition and hunting.

The point of impact will shift with changes in the position of the rear sight and front sight.

Rifled shotgun has bystasjonen trigger mechanism. This allows to adjust the mechanism a shot for any conditions of shooting. When driven hunt necessary standard trigger mechanism, while during quiet distant mountain and Prairie hunting, you need to use sellery mechanism. Its action is based on the fact that when you press the front trigger but the gun shoots from the right barrel. Moreover, it is possible to reduce shneller so that the shot will have only a little to touch the trigger. This mechanism greatly increases the accuracy of the cartridge. It is noteworthy that when using shneller for a long time reliability is not only decreasing but even increasing. In addition, this system can be easily replaced in any environment, you only need to bring spare parts. In addition, the fitting weighs quite a bit, which will allow you to use it for mountain hunting and for running. So if you want to choose a weapon for hunting, then this threaded fitting is perfect.

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