The feature of fishing in late autumn

The second half of autumn – a very exciting time for those who love fishing with the spinning rod. If in a warmer time fish walks relatively evenly throughout the water, before frost she starts to go to the wintering grounds, pits or other sites with great depth. This is best seen in Eric or in small shallow streams where suitable wintering places is extremely small. Before the formation of ice there is almost no large fish.

Those who often catches on the same territories, do not have to wonder where to find the fish. Before the onset of winter it shall elect a permanent pit. But if you’re going in unfamiliar territory in the first place should pay attention to the areas at the mouths of tributaries. But, even correctly identifying the place of accumulation, it is necessary to search for a specific point, which is fish.

If possible, you can look to areas where splashing fish. Even if fish are not kept constantly near, that comes to hunt where there is prey. In other cases, it makes sense to look with the deepest places of ponds. Although there are exceptions. On Sunny days, even the late fall, a predator in search of food may enter the shallow and down to the coast.

You need to take into account such nuance as fishing. If in the summer the biting was happening for almost the entire bright part of the day, cold at dusk, the predator stops hunting already.

Because you have to catch at great depths, this increases the likelihood of a hook for the bottom of the driftwood. Special attention must be given to the training gear. In such cases, the standard combinations will almost always lead to losses. A little saves the situation the application of the braces of wire or use a special offset hook. But even this does not guarantee from hooks and the need to periodically sacrifice tackle.

Autumn is also the change in the preference of fish to color lures. Have on each reservoir and at each location for a long time to choose among the dozens of flowers that interested at this point in time. Production becomes capricious in their preferences, up to changes in interest depending on the time of day.

Here to the size of the baits attitude remains unchanged. To select big bait only makes sense if proved, really big predator. In other cases, it will be quite a medium-sized leash. Can be limited to 5-7 cm bands. The leads themselves should be installed based on the presence of the majority stronger fish. The effect of the leash on the bite at this time becomes insignificant.

Given these nuances, with some luck, you can expect decent results fishing. Such favorable time persists throughout late autumn to the end of the open water season. What are the features of fishing in the late canopy. What should I consider?

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