The factors of a successful hunt

The opening of hunting is always a real event for all lovers of this activity. And very much that it did not cause frustration or even trouble. That is why you should care about certain rules and requirements in preparation for the season. It is clear that every hunter focuses on their traditions. We tried to pick only generalizing the factors of a successful hunt, which can affect the impression and effectiveness of the entire process.

Opening date

This is the main factor, does not depend on members of hunting, but it can greatly spoil the mood, or leave an unpleasant aftertaste. The reason may be, the postponement of the start of the season or the imposition of restrictions of a temporary type. These restrictions can frustrate only the law-abiding hunters, but poachers don’t pay them absolutely no attention. So starting preparing for hunting season, it is best to be ready in advance to the opening date or establishing prohibitions.


The choice of the place can not be called less important factor in preparation for the opening of the season. If hunters have the familiar areas that are used for an hunt for several years, it can not particularly tense. But even in this case, it is best to get there well in advance and visit familiar places. This will give the opportunity to see in a decent condition and available travel to the hunting site and game it on Your chosen plot.


State of art and industry of weapons and various accessories, provides beginners or seasoned hunters a great opportunity not to go to the beast with «bare hands». Choosing a gun for hunting is very simple and most often boils down to prefer the model where the least factory defects. The choice was already in use guns should be more cautious. If before selling the gun was not restored to reveal all the defects will be fairly easy.

By purchasing a gun for hunting, don’t forget obtaining all necessary permits, and the need for verification of weapons and shooting the gun directly before using it.

Hunting dog

Various hunting breeds of dogs quite often have a narrow specialization. Greyhounds and beagles breed the best looking for hare and Fox. Spaniel, drathaar, huskies and other breeds of cops with good training and looking for perfectly served duck. Burrowing dachshunds, Fox Terriers, greyhounds, beagles and huskies will be a great companions when hunting fur-bearing animals. Husky is a perfect companion when hunting wild boar or elk. However, it is worth noting that even purebred hunting dog can work well without the proper education and training.


To start preparing for the hunting season or fishing much better than before the start of the event. Immediately prior to the opening of the season will not have time to going shopping and acquiring a comfortable and suitable on all parameters of clothing. The correct clothing for the hunter, must first provide him with comfort, protection from weather conditions. Moreover, the costume of a hunter needs to attract as little attention as possible and to be completely safe, that is made of such material that even during prolonged wearing safe to human body.

A list of recommendations can be endless. You can probably tell if you spend preparing for the season in advance, it is likely the opening will be successful and leave a positive impression for the entire year.

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