The elusive carp

Homeland carp is the basin of the Amur river and in our country it is introduced artificially, as in our country there is no suitable spawning places. Through artificial breeding we are familiar with it. The silver carp grows rapidly, the body weight reaches 20 to 23 kg, and the length can reach up to meters. Three-year silver carp is not in the reservoir of competitors of enemies. If you constantly fill up the reservoir of young carp, the number is growing rapidly, and it will be possible to catch. It is the only fish that lives in fresh water and has a fat like sea creatures, as well as reduces cholesterol in our blood.

Catching can begin in may to mid-September. In waters where a lot of phytoplankton, can only be caught when the water warms up to 19 — 20 degrees, but if the water temperature rises above, to catch him is virtually impossible, the fish becomes active and becomes indifferent to the artificial bait.

This is a schooling fish, it selects the muddy, where there is soft vegetation, a maximum depth of 3.5 m. you can Catch at dawn and before sunset, when a flock approaches the coast, and the day lies in the depths.

If the reservoir a little feed, then catch it in all day. In this reservoir it can be caught in calm weather and at high temperatures, fish will become active and looking for food. It is sufficient to observe the water surface to understand will be biting or not, if the water is warm and clear, the chances of catching him are very large. When muddy water and blossoms of the chances of arrest there, in the water enough to eat.

For the autumn fishing use bottom gear, spinning the reel and the spring. The equipment needed to do a solid, because the silver carp are strong fish and will fight for his life. Fishing line is better to use 0.5-0.1 mm, for a leash to take the 0.35-0.4 mm, and the hook is necessary to take not less than 8,5-10 cm, they must be very sharp and have a long stinger. The leash should be done from 70 to 100 cm, in order not to frighten the fish, because they are very suspicious. Sweeps should be done boldly and strongly to secure the hook in mouth of fish. When the notch carp goes quiet.

This kind of fish eat only plant food. The best attachment is considered a little young boiled peas, but canned. Such nozzle can be masked, wearing hook-filamentous algae.

The nozzle can be very different: diced cucumber, its beginnings, green peas, rye bread, canned corn, etc. Carp to feed, you need to make cubes of chopped leaves of sedges and cane (beet leaves and sash of peas, bran), mixed with meal, and to strengthen all with water and flour.

Modern manufacturers have created a bait – technoplants is an extruded powder, resembles a barrel. In water it dissolves, forming a cloud that is similar to the live plankton. The composition includes aromatic and edible substances (honey, raspberry, strawberry, vanilla, etc.) that cause fish starvation.


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