The effect of weather on catch carp

Fishing is a very exciting experience, and it’s more interesting and gambling, the greater the trophy will catch. According to this criterion, a few other type of fishing can compete with carp. The cunning and caution of this fish is left with nothing not even one experienced angler, but so only more interesting.

The season for carp fishing opens in spring and ends in late autumn, although more or less stable biting of this fish occurs in summer. At the beginning and the end of the season this fish or do not take, or on the hook, there are small irregularly karpata. Large adult individuals are beginning to be caught after spawning, it is somewhere in the end of may — beginning of June depending on the weather and region.

Carp are very sensitive to weather changes the fish, so going fishing, you also need to watch the weather. A good fish will bite in warm cloudy weather, I will stay a few days. With a sharp it changes the biting stops, by fits and starts only if its normalization. However, carp somehow excellent bite in a thunderstorm, even though it gives the angler a serious inconvenience. Atmospheric pressure also plays a major role in the intensity of nutrition of carp. It should be constant or slightly decrease, otherwise hope for a good fishing trip is not worth it. Experienced carpatica still claim that the biting of a carp the serious impact of the phases of the moon. The best biting happens at the rising moon.

Summer carp takes better early morning and late evening, when the sun rises or sets (morning and evening). Moreover, the morning bite is usually better. If the weather is hot and the water is strongly warmed, to fatten the carp can come out only at night, will be indicated by loud bursts of water.

The carp are bottom fish, so they prefer to live at a depth of 2 metres with a muddy bottom, where sediments and is looking for food. But he doesn’t like much warm water, so the prolonged summer heat he can go into a deep pit or to the mouths of the springs with cold water. If on a reservoir there are no or very few carp can just stand motionless in the shadows of the reeds, not reacting even raised the nose of the lure.

Fishing for carp — the process is creative and unpredictable, so you should not rely on the weather, and to cancel long-planned and anticipated fishing. However, completely disregarded the above is not necessary. No tail, nor scales!

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