The echo-sounder when fishing for catfish and other fish

Continue preparing for catfish on Kwok, earlier we got what you need, there is one very important modern device.

The best assistant in any fishing catfish on Kwok is the sounder. It is not necessary to have a depth sounder, latest model. I use for several years by the device of the middle class.

The main functions it performs great, I am satisfied in full. To buy and cheap. Its main task is to display the bottom topography, depth, charging the battery, the temperature of the water. This task can handle even the most cheap fish finders. I have it dual beam. But I use only one beam, and the sensitivity of the beam reduce to a minimum. Leave approximately 30%. For what? First, the catfish is a predator. Your eyes uses rarely. It is mainly focused while nursing his mustache and his sensibility, at first glance, the thick skin. The slightest fluctuation in the water it fully monitors and analyzes. Imagine that, lying on the bottom of the pit, he hears movement creeping cancer, movements of white bream or prey, he keeps everything under his control. Som also feels vibrations in the water produced by the sounder. And, consequently, the less will be these fluctuations, the better it is for your fishing. The echosounder sends a pulse down, which in turn is reflected from any objects and back. Is processed by the computer and displays on the display echo sounder. I think maybe this is erroneous, the frequency of this pulse should be as small. Lies at the bottom soma show not every sounder. But you don’t have to see him. Interesting to see how after a few strokes Kwok part of the soil lifted from the bottom and rapidly approaching your bait. That’s what, in my opinion, important. To deal with that any sounder.

Power my sounder 12-V. So I took the battery from the motorcycle.

Almost all fish finders have a bundle of wires. Display and crystal separately. Personally, I’m bothered, I went the other way. Your friends I was advised to make an example of me, they were satisfied, although had to Tinker.

Take a plastic pipe with a diameter of 40 mm and a length according to the height of the TRANS of your boat so that the display of the sounder was performed at 10 cm from the top of the TRANS, and the lower part of the pipe was in the water for about 10-15 cm Take the wires supplied with the sounder, and spiral, stack them inside the pipe. The plugs should look out to join the display. Inside the tube, fill with silicone sealant. Fill in need so that there is free space. Construction sealant is fine, but so not afraid of water. After drying, reinforce the bottom of the tube the crystal, and on top of the display. Very compact «echo-set». The pipe make a removable bracket that securely attaches to the TRANS of your boat.

For transporting I made a box out of plywood. In this box there is a special socket: «seats» for the pipe and straps that securely hold the inside sounder boxes.

Arriving by car to the river Bank, I release the fish finder and attach it to the TRANS of the boat. At full speed I can watch what is happening under the boat, and the boat has no extra wires. It is this, in my opinion, sonar is comfortable in both summer and winter. And what you want.


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