The draft Federal Law «About hunting»

In today’s world hunting is very popular and fashionable. But it is worth noting that every hunter must know and strictly adhere to the law, as ignorance is no excuse. Only the President has the right to make, amend, and sign the legislation that would clear the requirement to hunt any animal or bird. It describes the distinct time periods of the year when it can wield a gun and to engage in their favorite hobby.

Any law has several applications. Thus, in the Annex to article 22 of the draft law States that under hunting, you can understand the finding of the citizen in the land of the hunting type, not only weapons, but also with dogs. However, he should be dressed in a special outfit that will distinguish it from just a walk in the forest belt of people. Also the legislation provides the hunter on designated areas of the land with meat, leather or any other production obtained in the process of hunting. But there are disadvantages, which include the lack of legislative draft article reflects the concept of hunting. This is because questions of this nature quite muddy and not finalized. Impossible to find in the law the answer to the question, what is the turnover of hunting resources of nature that can be attributed to the shortcomings, the removal of which it is necessary to pay special attention.

The draft Federal Law «About hunting» includes several topics that affect not only the responsibilities but also the rights of hunters. In the first section you can see General provisions, which are exploratory in nature. In the following sections you will be able to see the legal relations, monitoring and possible control in the field hunting, and many other things, useful and certainly important information that will allow you to enjoy the process of hunting, not to break the law.

Most hunters are in the clubs, the management of which must necessarily acquaint each with the applicable law today. And in the future have to be fans to hunt all the changes not so often. To track it regularly, so as not to suffer from their ignorance and don’t buy the opportunity to pay a fine, the amount of which is individual, but big enough.

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