The dough is a universal nozzle

Today, due to increased fishing pressure on water bodies for ordinary anglers to have to apply various tricks to achieve a good catch. This applies not only to increasing the quality of the gear, but also baits and nozzles. Often the angler has to seek the assistance of fragrances in order to increase the number of bites.

But often many anglers, fascinated by new trends, completely forget about the wide range of known baits by which you can easily make significant catches.

One of the undeservedly forgotten by many fishermen in the attachment is the dough. The main reason why many anglers abandoned the use of the test is that the dough does not stay on the hook. But it’s worth noting that this problem is not so relevant. On a modern fishing market there are lots of specially manufactured hooks equipped with a spring on the shank, which is necessary to ensure that the dough stayed on the hook long enough. Another disadvantage associated with the use of the test is its poor preservation. Most often when fishing under the scorching sun, the dough dries out quickly, losing all its qualities. Of such a test is already not a blind attachment. But this disadvantage is not insurmountable, keeping the dough in a damp cloth, and add to the dough vegetable oil, this problem can easily be avoided.

But the pros have the test as a fishing nozzle is really a lot. First, the dough being in the water, behaves attractive to fish, creating around himself a small, pleased smell the cloud is attracting nearby fish. Second, the manufacturing technology of the test is quite simple and does not require any specific components. Thirdly, perhaps the main advantage of the test as a fishing nozzle is its versatility related to the addition of any flavoring, and also the transferability of the nozzle any color with no loss of quality and attractiveness of the test. Having considered all the pros and cons of the test as a fishing nozzle, it is necessary to mention different types of technologies making it.

Raw dough, the technology of preparation based on wheat flour mixed with water or other liquid. In fact, this is dough, not not differ from that used by Housewives in cooking.

Boiled dough, raw dough, rolled into small balls with the subsequent jam into the water to give the nozzle more elastic properties. The degree of readiness of the nozzle is determined by the surface provinivshihsya balls on the surface of the water.

Steamed dough. This technology is required when using components with poor selection of gluten (corn, pea flour). To give the desired characteristics need to be steamed flour in a water bath or adding a small amount of water.

In conclusion, I would like to give an example of some universal recipes of dough. One of the best tips for catching bream, roach and crucian carp is dough made from wheat flour with the addition of vanilla, ground cinnamon, coriander, salt and sugar. Also as additives to make the pastry, specific odors, you can use dill, cocoa, honey, garlic. Apart from the smell, many additional components give a color that also affects the attractiveness of the nozzle.

Also a very good attachment for catching of large fish belonging to the family Cyprinidae, is the potato dough. Knowing the love fish to this vegetable, the potatoes to use as the nozzle is not very convenient because when fishing the market or feeder in power often casts the potato flies off the hook. Therefore, the most practical to use the dough made with potatoes. Boiled potatoes rubbed on a fine grater, then kneaded until smooth and mixed in the ratio of one to one with wheat flour. The thoroughly mixed mass is boiled for 20 minutes, after which the resulting elastic solid mass, from which the knife cut into pieces of required value.

This universal attachment as the dough opens for fishing a huge opportunity for constant experimentation with the aim of selecting a universal recipe, the secret combinations of smells and tastes that will help you to achieve the big catch.


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