The dough for fishing

During weekends and holidays are tired of the hustle and bustle of city life, people go to rest on nature. One of the most common forms of recreation is fishing. Fishing relieves stress and fatigue. But it is not a secret, what a balm for the soul every angler a good catch. And for a good catch you need a good bait. The dough is a universal bait for many species of fish, and not just in the summer.

The dough is perfect for catching carp and roach, though to make it easier. The proportions at the same time, as, for example, in the preparation of rolls for the family, respect is not necessary. In need a bowl pour in the flour and pour it with boiling water. Again it is better to add a little water if necessary it can always be added.

The resulting dough is added raw egg yolk, a teaspoon of sunflower oil and a spoon of honey. All you need to mix by hand. If the procedure was successful, the dough sticks to your hands will not. Next, you add exactly two drops of anise. The dough is ready.

If the test turned out to be too much, the excess can be frozen in the freezer, but frozen more than once. The required amount of dough you need to wrap it in foil.

Hook this bait should not be large, the best fit for No. 14. It is not necessary to wrap completely in the dough, enough to take one small ball joint. Catching the bait can and close to shore. The chances of a great catch will significantly increase if near the shore a lot of vegetation. The float is ideal suited Bologna. With cutting it is better not to delay, large carp quite often raise the float above the water.

The following test for catching – garlic dough. It is cooked in the following way. In a bowl with the flour and added a teaspoon of cocoa powder and half sugar. Mixture pour boiling water. Garlic should be crushed and with juice and vegetable oil, add to the dough. Garlic you’ll need to steep for a few hours for its proper cooking. This dough will be caught carp and roach.

Another way to make garlic fish bait. Palatana of white bread cut into slices, otmazyvatsya in cold water, it is better boiled. In the softened bread is added the yolk and pre-crushed garlic. To fill it all up with a spoon of sunflower oil, sugar and cocoa. Bring the dough to the desired form and put in the fridge for a day.

The potato dough. To begin boil the potatoes in their skins, peel and grate. In the resulting mass, add the sugar and salt, mix well. Need gradually pour the flour so that the dough get cool enough. The obtained lump of dough should cook about half an hour, then cut it into required size pieces.

The dough is from the eggs. Definitely need the yolk separated from the protein and pour in a convenient mixing container. To add a bit of butter, flour and sugar. The whole mass mix well and pour into the box, you can use a matchbox. A box wind thread and put in boiling water for 20 minutes. The result is a so-called «omelette». It should be stored in the fridge, and just before fishing to get it and cut into pieces.

Council. For easy planting of any type of dough hook, it is stored in the refrigerator. The batter can be stored in the syringe, and the thick — tube.

It is worth considering that honey, adding in some recipes, should be natural, and therefore unlikely that honey from the store will do. With proper preparation the dough should not fall apart and flake. If all is done correctly, then great catch on this bait will not keep itself waiting long.


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