The description of Irish Greyhound or everything you need to know to choose the dogs for hunting

The name of the breed the Irish Greyhound (formerly known as the Irish wolfhound) can give us about it dual information. Homeland of the breed — Ireland, where her purpose was to hunt wolves and protect them. The word «wolfhound» should not be misleading, due to the fact that this breed is greyhounds, originally had a resemblance to the wolf, including color and coat.

Wolfhound being bigger than all the other greyhounds, even with their usual growth of 80 cm at the withers, considered one of the most impressive of the giants among the dog tribe.

Standard weight which is attained by dogs no less than 54 kg. Can imagine how strong these dogs are, but quite easily manageable.

Their appearance is highly representative — these dogs are not as severe as the German dogs. This rock type is more consistent with the Greyhound. But what would a giant and impressive Irish Greyhound may seem, she has good manners — never barks and does not bite.

Like all breed of greyhounds, Irish always calm and quickly adapts to everything, has a noble and amiable character. These dogs are tolerant of others, and for children can become a reliable good friend.

To strangers, the Irish Greyhound is restrained and friendly, so you can use it as a watchdog or a guard dog it would be a mistake. A few dozen years, the English breeders worked with the Irish Greyhound, to turn her into a attentive and responsive dog-companion. And now only one exterior and size inspires respect.

Overall exterior: the dog is muscular and textured, but very elegantly proportioned, with light movements. Has a long tail of moderate thickness.

The head is elongated, with a slightly prominent frontal bones and a small depression between the eyes. Snout long, slightly pointed. The eyes are dark. The neck is sufficiently long, proudly planted. It is strongly curved, very strong and muscular, without wrinkles or sagging at his throat.

Muscular, sloping shoulders, deep and broad chest, muscular legs and forearm, good tight stomach. Moderately large paws with a well-domed, tight toes and strong curved claws.

Hair hard, often gray, red, black, pure white or spotted coat.

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