The currying

Primitive people lived in caves and on plains, where, hiding from wind and frost, they built huts from animal skins. The harsh climate forced ancient hunters to make clothes from skins, to insulate their homes to protect themselves from the cold.

But if the skin is not tanned, but only to stretch it when wet, becomes hard and brittle. To sew clothes or shoes stone needles of this skin is very hard, and to wear such things impossible, as they do not have the flexibility and the softness, rubbing her body, poorly kept warm, quickly became unusable. The dressing of the skins of dead animals has become a necessity. Therefore, people perforce had to learn the furrier’s business.

To produce high-quality fur or leather needs a good tanning. The essence of this operation consists in changing the structure of skin tissue, to remove the substances that nourish putrefactive microorganisms. The softness and elasticity of the skin even after contact with water, resistance to decay, durability of the fur is achieved by proper formulation.

Wycinka skins

Nature is not left to human choice — either he will learn to use animal skins for the manufacture primitive clothing, shoes and insulation of the premises, or he will die from the cold. For survival it was necessary to acquire many skills, for example, to remove the skin from the animal carcasses, to find ways of its preservation in summer, making it soft by making.

Stone knives, axes and spears as a hunting weapon was used, and for finishing leather. Then, as they gain experience, primitive people began to make special scrapers for tricks of the skin. For these purposes, used and hand Choppa, have a different shape, which is cut with ink, extracted wood for fires, cut stones. During archaeological excavations in the places of ancient people discovered many weapons, including a flat, wide, and narrow scrapers by which to treated skin.

Stone equipment all the time improved, gradually taking a form most convenient for field dressing, fabrication of carcasses and scraping the skins from the fat and meat from the inside. Over the millennia, tools have become more rational shapes and sizes. Northern peoples in our time for currying use the tools in a configuration similar to the stone tools of ancient people.

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