The cooking tips for a good bite

Tips for good fish can be prepared from peas, oats, millet, corn and other products. From choosing the correct cooking which will depend on the success of fishing.

Cooking peas:


it is necessary to pour out a Cup of peas in a gauze bag or a clean cotton cloth and soaked in cold water for 4 – 8 hours.

After the peas cook on low heat for 2 hours. The lance remained soft, it is recommended to water her sunflower or hemp oil (one tablespoon per two cups of cooked peas). Store the prepared nozzle is preferably in the Bank, wrapped in wet oiled rag. This nozzle is well caught bream, IDE, bream and roach.

Cooking corn:


stale corn on the cob steamed until tender approximately the same as peas, but with pre-soaking. Then cooled heads wrapped in cloth, soaked in broth. Grain husk is already fishing and placed on wrought-iron hooks in larger sizes. Caught in the nozzle carp float rod with a dead mount float on fishing line or spinning rod with zakidushek.

Cooking wheat: in a pot pour a Cup of grain, then pour water and cook until full of softness. Then, when the bait is ready, the water is drained and treated wheat with some odorous substance – it can be pounded nutmeg, anise drops or sunflower oil. When using this nozzle is very well caught carp: bream, roach, Rudd, bream.

Cooking wheat cereal:

boiled in milk ostuzhayut cool porridge and mix with chicken egg if required add one tablespoon of sunflower or hemp oil. After this procedure the prepared mixture need to knead the dough and store in the wet with an oily rag. The piece takes the bream, roach, roach, Rudd.

Preparation of pea masterki:

Cup split peas (halves) are soaked for 3 to 4 hours in a liter of water. On the bottom of the pan put a metal mesh that protects the peas from burning. The steamed peas into a puree, and with careful stirring add the semolina, until then, until a homogeneous mass. Then this homogeneous mass ostuzhayut and spread on a plate, then cut into pieces, of which roll balls or pellets. Mastyrka, wrapped in waxed gauze, may be stored in the refrigerator for weeks.

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