The conditions of fishing-when and where?

A novice fisherman is not always possible to determine exactly where and under what conditions he will have to fish. The main factor in a good bite and the location of fish is the influence of weather conditions. Of course this has been written more than once,I would not want to come back to early, but here are some of the factors stay in the pond may be useful to you. And consider the following conditions:water clarity, for there is it or not.


1. If the water is stagnant,the level is low,and it is transparent

A pike or other predator will not stand near the shore,but on the contrary will hold places on the edge, next to the driftwood that is in places where he will just hide. Because riparian vegetation is nothing he find there is no fry and no grass. Therefore, in the spring and autumn predators live deep enough in the ground 5-6 meters. And with the advent of summer, it rises to a depth of 4-5 meters.

The predator is active so to speak outputs if the water is warm so the fish will bite, but if in the morning the water is cooler then the biting wait closer to lunch.

2. The water is stagnant,the level is low, muddy water

The behavior of the predator remains the same because the water is turbid and the pike has very poor vision in the water, who mu activity reduces, such a situation can be observed on the reservoirs. To be sure, in this period, to catch a predator fisheries choose braids and shallows,that’s where the predator feed. In such places it happens at the same time -with dawn and may bite for several hours on any bait. Then the biting slows down.

3. The water is stagnant, with a normal level, transparent

These conditions are ideal for fishing,the main thing that you had fry. The predator is at a depth just below. Predator of course it can move, its movement depends on various conditions as it accumulates on the shoreline and at depth.This situation can be observed in the first half of the fishing season. In the spring, good fishing in the shallows where the water warms faster.

4. The water is stagnant, muddy, with a normal level

The predator is rarely bite. Therefore, when choosing a bait, keep in mind that there is almost zero visibility,so either use the increased bait or touch. Try to find a place with cleaner water, usually the water is on the leeward coast.

5. The water is stagnant, with a high level, transparent

Fish throughout the reservoir, the bite is reduced. If you catch from the shore, then find places where there is grass, but not as flooded bushes. In the spring, the fish tries to stay in warm water,and as we know water is so close to the shore. Here in the clear water use small baits, fishing line monofilament take,it increases the number of bites.

6. The water is stagnant, muddy, water level is high.

This remark applies to the reservoirs. In the spring, when the water level is raised and not lowered in time, she begins to blossom and becomes cloudy, so that such fish as perch and pike are scattered in the pond biting weak.So switch to fish a perch,he goes astray in large flocks,and in different places, the bass starts to hit fry.

7.For,the low,clear water

The predator keeps the pits and ridges. How deep it will be depends on the water temperature.If the water level continues to drop then a pike or other predator starts to slide down,in such moments worth catching passes of a predator.

8. Current, low level, water murky.

Everything here is the same as in the previous paragraph,only bait should be more noticeable.

9. Over, with normal levels, clear and muddy water

The differences of fishing in clear and murky water described above,but now here the main factor is the course. In this case, it is important to apply the bait. Watch the temperature if cool in the morning then closer to 12 days pike will be active,if the weather is hot therefore you need to catch the morning or evening.In the cold, use a jig in warmer will fit all of your stock. The over bite is always sharp and powerful.

10. Move, high level, clear water muddy

Spring on the river characteristic of this method. Fish located in the reservoir goes in the shelter hiding from the powerful jets in the bays,quarries,estuaries.

I hope you learned something important from this article.

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