The conditions for accurate shooting using rifles

Marksmanship is a very important factor, especially when shooting from a rifle when the affected area is determined with a precise, not a big sector of destruction by the expansion of the fraction. Training at the shooting range the main factor in accurate shooting, but there are some points that you should pay attention at the time of purchase of rifled guns, and then, in the process of its use, on hunting.

The first thing you need to pay attention to when buying is the convenience of the Lodge guns. Undoubtedly, the gun industry produces products that are designed for a hunter of average build and height, but even under this condition, it is necessary to consider some points. First and foremost, to define for a righty or Lefty designed this gun. Next, you need to understand what is the length of the Lodge that best suits your needs. The stature and growth of the hunter is important, you must adhere to the following rules, the longer the arms, the longer and the bed. The case itself, the neck shape should be possible to approach the hunter, it is necessary several times to take the gun and raise it for a shot. During this exercise, rate balance, pricediscount and weight of the gun, but keep in mind that choosing too heavy of option arms have a negative impact on shooting while hunting. Too lighter guns also have their cons as poorly quenched out.

The second important factor is to check the trigger of the gun. An easy descent can lead to accidental shot, and the heavy shift of my line of sight at the moment of pressing the trigger. Need a medium, the best option. Some guns are equipped with such an additional mechanism as shneller. Shneller allows you to reduce the stress on the trigger mechanism when fired, this device is well and is often used for sports shooting, but to use a hunting rifle with shneller must with great care, and if big game hunting is strictly prohibited. The drawback of this mechanism lies in the possibility of an accidental discharge, plus triggers with shneller not very reliable in the cold.

The conditions for accurate shooting using rifles

In direct contact with the beast during a hunt or chase used guns with standard sights. Other hunting options usually set on the rifle scopes. When choosing optics must be considered by day or by night the hunting will take place. In the case of the night version hunting optical sight with a lens of large diameter. In daylight it’s important to only increase (magnification) of the scope, it is selected from 1,5 to 4. it is best to install a modern rifle scopes with adjustable magnification.

After purchasing a rifle, you must start training. It is important, without losing visual contact with the target, to automate the process of reloading weapons, removing and setting the safety catch, the rifle is raised and targeting. Both hands in the process of aiming should have a reliable support, while hunting, you can use a variety of tools and support. Not while hunting to install a box or barrel on the rigid support, in this case, the shot will be inaccurate, to lay between the arms and support soft lining. It is impossible to cover the barrel with your hand, precision is also not conducive. Leads hand should gently and firmly hold the forend of the rifle on the bottom. Weapons must be maintained and clean, the presence of oil in the barrel or on the elements of the trigger also causes a miss. If shooting is conducted on the running goal, just when the weapon is held with two hands, without additional supports, here is nothing but constant training will not help.

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