The competent operation and ongoing maintenance of guns

Any hunting rifle, be it an expensive model or the most simple shotgun, require periodic maintenance and care. After all, during his service rifle repeatedly subjected to a severe test, then find themselves in a swamp, in water. Breakdown that usually have guns, usually occurring at the most inopportune moment, on the hunt. As a result, unsuccessful hunt and spoiled the mood. But all this can be avoided by simple prevention of gun.

So what to do to not remain unarmed in the most inopportune moment. First, determine the model and firm of your gun or rifle. If a hunter owns an expensive model or collection instance, in this case, it is a straight road to a repair shop if there is one. If a workshop is not around, it is best to contact the manufacturer and find out the possibility and the procedure of repair. In case of refusal of official persons, I advise you to search in your city of experienced masters-armourers. But guarantee quality of repair from such masters, as a rule, can not be expected, their main rule is to take the customer as much money as possible. There are many cases when the master gunsmiths spoil expensive copies of the weapon. Very often, these «masters» agree to the processing of shotguns (at the request of their owners), knowing that this «modernization» will lead to the deterioration of the gun, and possibly more serious consequences. Such would-be masters of anything it is not necessary to drill the tube wall of the gun or the cartridge chamber personlity under different length of ammunition.

It is necessary to think hundred times before to trust his gun, these «professionals». Therefore, the competent operation and ongoing maintenance of the guns on their own will allow any hunter to maximize the life of your weapons.

For conducting care and maintenance of shotguns to the hunter will need certain tools and materials. First and foremost is the cleaning rod cleaning rod Choice is very important, because bad will not only be bad to clean the barrel, but also may damage. The cleaning rod you need to buy a set of nozzles for various purposes, it’s ruff, wiping, down jackets and sleeve. As a consumable material and cleaning of various parts of the gun fits great flannel fabric. For cleaning small parts, holes and other hard to reach places the hunter good modern q-tips. You cannot forget about the lubricants, the best option is gun oil, but if this hunter is not, then fit and Litol grease (as a temporary variant).

For cleaning and prevention of weapons must be dismantled. Continue to Shine with the use of rods and various attachments to clean the bore. Typically, the channel is pre-lubricated with cleaning rod and oil, and then a bristle brush to clean metal. After cleaning with a clean cloth canal is cleaned and lubricated with a thin layer of gun oil. After cleaning the barrel thoroughly cleaned and oiled exterior and other parts of the gun. To remove small amounts of rust and dirt suitable tool WD-40. Next, inspect the wooden parts of the weapon, the presence of scratches and small imperfections must be sanded with sandpaper, soak the stain or linseed oil, some defects can be eliminated using a regular nitrocellulose lacquer. Remember that gun oil will damage the wooden parts of the weapon and avoid being hit by them. It is important to clean your gun after each hunt and then it will long please you with its precision and beauty.

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