The coil for spinning.

Presence in the market from various manufacturers, specializing in the production of spinning reels making a Grand choice that concerns quality and price.

The coil itself consists of several parts: a rotor, a casing, a shackle, spool, brake nut, roller, arm and leg. When choosing, consider the size of spinning, not looking for a coil that, in your opinion, could a universal approach to your chosen rod.

You have to determine what should be the coil that would match the size of the spinning. Classification of Shimano is most convenient in the process. Coil size five hundred is quite a small device for a small-sized spinning reel, the weight of which ranges one – eight grams. The sizes above a thousand – as a relatively small, designed for ultra-light or light spinning rod with a weight of ten to fifteen grams. For a more powerful spinning reel need the size two thousand.

And the powerful reel provides the numbers three or four thousand. Coils that are larger than four thousand with a large supply of fishing line used to equip special rods are fairly rare. When buying rods need to be extremely careful, because even when the coincidence index of the coil can have different sizes, due to the standards of different manufacturers, which also affects the difference in size of the body and parts of the mechanism.

Bearings – a topic that contains a lot of contradictory information received from different sources. The number of bearings you purchased the coil and their quality of resistance to rust is the determining factor when buying a reel. Experienced fishermen know that it is better to buy a coil with a small number of bearings produced by a reliable campaign than the coil, has a large number of bearings from the manufacturer, e is respected buyers. Bearings are of two types: indoor and outdoor, indoor has a distinct advantage over open.

An element that is important is endless, which recently considered a mandatory part of the coil. The bezkinechnyk there is a special element containing an endless screw, bilateral fixed, which leads to the movement of a special pen. Although the handle and is not a key part of the mechanism, however, its choice is very crucial, which involves the assessment of the capabilities and characteristics of this element relating to the weight and size.

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