The coil for spinning and their choice

The coil for spinning may be divided into such groups:


— instantaneous.

These groups spinning reels differ in that the first group during the long cast is the rotation of the reel drum on which is wound the fishing line is needed, and there is the moment of inertia of this drum, which can lead to a lot of unwanted moments. In the second type of coil throwing bait into the pond, resetting the line passes through the side face of the fixed spool, which significantly the first time eliminates the reset is not needed and the extra line.

To reduce the inertia moment inertia reels to start is to reduce the mass of the drum and its diameter. While solving this problem, and creating a new kind of inertial reels called baitcasting reels for spinning. This kind of coils has a fairly wide drum with a small diameter and the specific transmission mechanism of the gear, which at the time of casting bait in the aquatic environment eliminates the kinematic connection between the winding and the drum, and helps to reduce the moment of inertia. During the winding one turn of the handle will be made a few revolutions of the drum, and helps to achieve the desired winding speed of your fishing line.

For good and uniform winding the fishing line, all of these coils are made of a special line layer, which makes motion along the axis of the drum thus uniformly stacking the line. Inertial and spinning reel for spinning all have their pros and cons respectively. The inertia reel is a significant point, which is that fishing line is wound without distortion, and the disadvantage is that they make it possible to throw a very light bait is the tendency to spread the excess fishing line that often leads to the formation of all the fishermen hated the so-called beard. Fishing with this type of coils requires special skills. These inductors are not cheap cost and require more fine tuning. And bezinertsionnaja coil for spinning have the opportunity to fish with lures a very small weight, with the exception of the appearance of the beard, but the PREROLL there is a possibility of twisting of the fishing line. But despite such a disadvantage, the last type of rails is very popular among anglers all over the world and creates healthy competition baitcasting reels. As you can see a variety of the best and worst qualities in spinning reels do not stop to have their fishers-fans, which every year becomes more and more in our country. We hope that our brief surveys of the coils will help to make the right choice when you purchase any shop for fishing without Intrusive advice sellers.


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