The choice of the best places for fishing

For experienced lovers of this lesson, this question is not difficult. They already have checked places near water, which they well understood, besides the importance of play activities in the surrounding area. Would be much nicer to fish in the picturesque valley, overgrown with riparian vegetation.

Features choice of fishing for the beginner

The beginner is always difficult to choose the place for fishing, may not have the necessary skills. Should consider several factors, all of which affect the successful outcome of the fishing enterprise. It can be the following:

  • the depth of the reservoir;
  • the bottom topography;
  • the water status.
  • the rate of flow;
  • the availability of forage for fish;
  • presence of natural shelters, and water plants.

If we are talking about small rivers, here it will be easier to determine the appropriate place. Need to find sites where there is at the bottom of the driftwood, large stones or a half of the trees, these items attract the fish as places to shelter from the heat or bad weather.

Good places can be considered as those areas of water where once produced the excavation. There usually blows over the stumps, remains of trees and various underwater objects, and among them are willing to live fish.

Where large rivers flow into smaller rivers or streams after rains water is brought food of earthworms or insects. Fish waiting for him in the thickets ribbon-like algae on the riverbed.

Fishing can also get a fishing rod in the bridge, or mill-dam, there is a slowdown of the flow front of the marsh and the formation of the reverse jet.

In the case of stagnant water bodies such as lakes or ponds, they find the coastal pits having a depth greater than two meters, or space between the underwater thickets.

Species of aquatic vegetation is also important: if it’s water lilies and pods, reeds, pondweed or arrowhead, it is possible to hope to encounter a fish, because it would have food and shelter. Young shoots of plants, and algae have the taste of some fish species. Here can live Rudd, crucian carp, bream, tench, Chub, carp. Such places are good for fishing. But the hornwort and canadian fish does not like and tries not to visit their thickets.

Will help to choose the place of fishing regular monitoring of water surface and behavior of birds near the pond. Phenomena such as sudden bursts of water, say about hunting fish the local predators like pike. The gulls did not miss a fry or weakened fish, they immediately dive into the water. Herons are just waiting for the moment when you can catch the desired prey. And as the sand Martin and the fishermen do provide a great service: they can say, lure fishing fraternity. This happens not intentionally, they just lose their food above water when their nests are small insects for the Chicks.

Features of fishing in the countryside

An interesting aspect is the fishing that goes far beyond the city, where you can find cattle. When the herd comes in the evening to drink, directly under my feet to catch fish using as bait worms or insects of a type of grasshoppers, flies and horseflies. The fact that cows at the crossing of muddy water, kicking up sand than attract fish. In addition, the insects are washed off their backs and get into the water, where the fish are already here.

To stop the fishermen better in sheltered places, that there was a shelter which protects from the rain. Better yet, if you can set near the tent for the night. Take fishing with me only the necessary gear and proper equipment. Of course, you need to consider the weather conditions when choosing clothes and shoes. In any case, all fishermen must carry a small first aid kit.


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