The choice of sonar (don’t waste money on expensive sonar)

What is the main for when choosing sonar ?

Now comes a lot of different models of fish finders and the angler or like to sit outdoors at the river with a fishing rod can be difficult to decide on a particular model of fish finder. Let’s find out what is important when choosing this device.

The principle of operation

The sonar sensor emits a narrowly focused ultrasonic signal into the water and this reflected signal is reflected from the bottom, floating items, fish and back, and then the processor processes the information and displays it on the monitor.

What the sounders have in common?

Almost all of the produced echo sounders to date, is able to determine the depth to show the presence of fish (sizes are approximate), the depth of its location, display the bottom topography. With this device it is possible to study in detail the reservoir. A large part of the sonar is able to determine the density of the bottom, but rather the reflectivity of the bottom.


In a simple and inexpensive echo sounders only 1-in the probe beam and its width from approximately 10 to 25 degrees. These devices are simple and don’t need to wait for them additional features. Such sounders can easily find the desired hole, roll. Search fish ineffective, including speed and temperature.

The most expensive sounders are three-dimensional sonar. These details reflect the location of various underwater objects, objects, and terrain, receiving information in the form of three-dimensional images. With the help of them you can easily determine how far right or left is a fish from the side of the boat. The package includes temperature sensors and speed. Have these devices improved monitor of large size.

Equipment firm interphase can scan the bottom up to 360 metres in front of the boats in real time. Indeed, in conventional fish finders (hummingbird, fagle, lowrence, Raytheon, Bottomline and others) continuouse the beam directed 90 degrees down and that the image is shifted in time by the picture.

For example, Sonar Humminbird 748h 3D costs about 30 000 UAH. This 6-beam sonar with a high resolution screen. Three-dimensional image.

And Fishfinder PiranhaMAX 160xRU is a 2-beam sonar with a screen resolution of 160×128 pixels and the cost of such a sounder 5500 rubles.

Personally, I would advise you to take something from Hummingbird. They do not bad the sounders, and the prices are not lomyat.

Draw conclusions:

1.To determine the bottom depth and the depth will be quite simple not expensive Fishfinder

2.If you will be doing more search of the fish, you need a sounder with a beam width of at least 50 degrees, no matter 2 or multipath, 2-or 3-dimensional, fish or when not standing still.

3.Owners of boats with rigid hull recommend sonar interphase. You and the ship will be safely insured against the shock of floating objects, and the fact that you take a closer look at the bottom and the fish you will see in the high-contrast screen. Guarantee.


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