The choice of location for fishing

If you want to go fishing and get a good catch, need to know how to choose the right place.

In appearance, you can learn to determine the type of bottom topography, presence of shallow water and depths.

Rivers on the plains have a curved rather than straight channel. The deep spot is located around the concave part of the coast, which is often steep.

If the current is weak, the depth can be located at the narrowest point of the channel.

The color of water (dark) shows that there is depth. Deep areas are often inhabited by large species of fish.

On the reach depth is about the same for long distances.

If there is on the river bottom snags, they can detect the waves with small scallops. It is the habitat of pike and Chub, because there is good to build ambushes on scurrying past a trifle.

The depth in the reservoir can be defined more and plants.

Sedge growing in three feet of water, reeds in the lake, find a place on the 2-meter depth, the water lilies and pods grow up to 3 meters. algae growing at a depth of 4 meters and more.

Knowing this information, you can determine the bottom topography and even its depth. So far such knowledge was considered reliable and trustworthy. Besides, nice to get cards with these on them the shallows and the depths. These cards can make your notes on the most successful fishing.

If fishing is conducted from boats away from the shore, it is necessary to note certain landmarks, for example, a tree with twisted trunk, broad crown or.

If the pond completely unfamiliar, it is better to ask local people about the peculiarities of bottom, the use of gear, fishing areas.

In windy weather you need to fish near the shore, because the fish will not be on the wave.

Preparing for a fishing trip, it is necessary to remember not only about them but also about the weather, to know in advance the forecast, atmospheric pressure, wind speed, because of changes in the weather experienced by the fish, their status depends on the course of fishing.

In the presence of high waves, it will be difficult to stay in the boat, besides the water will knock against the side, scaring all living creatures.

On the river the wind always interferes, as it is always possible to hide from him near the shore.

When a small draught is good to stay in, dangling over the water of the tree. With him falling into water insect larvae, some garbage, which attracts even bigger fish.

Near the drift wood, too, is a good fishing, also in pools of water in places of narrowing of the river bed.

In dams in the foamy ripples of the water intake in the river are pike, perch, catfish and other fish. From a distance, at those places where the foam becomes smaller but is still there, you can find Chub and IDE, then different fish.

Of the pillars of bridges, various bridges and piers, the fish is caught well.

If you’re near a river no dwellings, so the fish are less scared, there is the catch well too.

If you are on the river, a watering hole for cattle, a place need to be round in muddy and murky water the fish will not be long, and go from there.

You need to know that not all algae will live and eat fish. For example, hornwort fish not much happens, and at the time of its flowering, it leaves him, because the pollen clogs the gills and insect larvae do not settle on his letter.

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