The choice of knife for fishing

The choice of knife for fishing is always a topical issue, both for beginners and for fishermen-professionals. Modern technology offers anglers a wide range, from the complex with a small blade to complex with various useful additional features. Before proceeding to recommendations, it is necessary to decide for what purpose used fishing knives. Very often the fishermen have to kill, clean and gut fish, open cans, make a flyer or just cut the network.

Therefore, the choice of knife should be treated with less care than the choice of bait. The so-called fishing knives does not exist, so the fishermen take appropriate knives for their purposes.

Consider folding and cut-up knives.

Clumsy knives are a blade and a handle that is fixedly connected. This is the most common type of knife, they are simple in design, reliable. For such a knife you need to buy the vagina, so as not to lose it during a hike or not to cut someone during transportirovki. When choosing ungainly knife should pay attention to the handle of the knife. Plastic handle can quickly crack. Therefore, the best option would be plastic with a rubber coating, these knives are impervious to moisture and does not slip in your hand. The vagina should be bought from special plastic, waterproof plastic. The vagina protects the blade from bumps, which can break off a piece of steel, in addition, they do not give the possibility of injury during transport of the knife. You should not choose a cleaver the size of 20 cm, the fisherman need a small, sharp and versatile knife.

In most cases, folding knife takes up little space. And its main advantage is versatility. For example, in the body of the knife has a can opener, bottle opener, main blade and so on. Folding knife convenient to carry, because it does not require a cover or sheath that is causing the pollution and subsequent damage. Should pay attention to the mechanism that locks the knife in the open position, otherwise you can hurt yourself.

The most important part of a knife is the blade. The optimum length for folding knives is considered to be from 8 to 12 cm and simple — from 10 to 14 see a blade capable of fulfilling the needs of the angler task.

The coating blade allows to increase the reliability and durability of the knife, as well as to protect it from corrosion. Although in any case, when sharpening the cutting edge becomes clean of the coating and increases the likelihood of rust formation on the surface. Borocarbides is the most durable coating and has a black color with a mirror surface. Sometimes applied Teflon coating, but it is of poor quality, because it is easily scratched and peeling off.

The butt typically has a width of from 2 to 4 mm. thickness of the butt depends on the preference of the angler. Knives with a thick blade much stronger, less prone to break and, if necessary, easier to push hand. However, a thin blade is easier to handle the fish, but it is less stable.

In General, to improve the quality of fishing fishermen are advised to bring two knives. For example, one simple with a medium width blade, a small length, but with a sharp blade. This knife is well-suited to tackle with. The second is to take a knife with a thin, but long and narrow blade, narrow because it is easier to maneuver, which helps when cutting any kind of fish.

To summarize the foregoing. Which knife for fishing use -case sugobo individual. It is impossible to tell about a specific need for a certain type of knife in fishing, so the choice of knife for fishing consists of identifying personal priorities fishermen.


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