The choice of gear for catching carp

Carp is a fish of the carp family. Originated in East Asia for the purification of water bodies from vegetation. Today is the biggest fish of the carp family. And due to its size and power is gaining popularity among fishermen. Silver carp can reach up to 100 kg. But carp until recently, was surrounded by a myth — it was believed that to catch it is possible only through illegal methods. Because of this carp came to be called «elusive».

But recently, the Network appears more and more ways for catching carp, and the more methods, the more gear.

Bait — technoplants

Technoplants is extruded bait in the form of a barrel. When this lure hits the water, it begins slowly to disintegrate to form around itself a cloud of mist that looks like plankton. And I must say that the better made technoplants, the longer it takes to dissolve ( I have about two or three hours). Technofunctional you can buy in stores. But you can make yourself. The methods of manufacturing the following. Ground to a powder, any cereals, e.g. rice. Do the same thing with sunflower seeds mix all this and add flavoring, honey, vanilla, in General any pleasant-smelling substance. It is worth saying that many fishermen, so many recipes technoparktoday, so it all depends on your imagination. But one technofunctional a little, to catch the elusive». You need special gear for that.

Bottom fishing on technoplants

For bottom gear to fit the next design. Metal pin, slightly bigger than technoparktoday, on the one end there should be a triangle with circles instead of edges, and at the other end of the latch which will hold technoparktoday. On the pin, put on our bait after we put the lock, which will not fall to technoplant. To the top of the triangle of the tie line, the other two leashes with hooks. They dress up the Styrofoam peanuts. Fishing line should be 0.03 mm, Hooks №№ 6 — 9. Well that’s all, tackle for bottom fishing ready. For float fishing tackle remain the same, and the float shall not sink with a large weight, because the weight of this lure is about 400 — 500 p. When float fishing for carp, of course, cannot be allowed to float floated on the surface of the water, and this will happen if the hooks would be in the case of ground tackle, Styrofoam peanuts. When fishing for carp with float, you can leave the hooks empty, but it is better to use the bait that suits the carp. This bait is cucumber, carrot, nettle, or cattail, which grows in almost every body of water.

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