The choice of feeder rods

The choice of feeder rods is a crucial moment. Before you buy you should decide in any fishing conditions you will use it. After all, if the rod feeder is mismatched, then the likelihood is that a large amount of money will be wasted, is very large.


In order to make the right choice, you need to answer yourself a very important question.

The reservoir is assumed to fish sold rod? You need to consider such parameters as: power flow, type of soil, presence of aquatic vegetation that approaches the pond, the number of fishermen (an important factor influencing the «zapressovannom fish»).

All this directly or indirectly affects the test and the length of the acquired feeder.

About the test

On the water with a strong current has practically no opportunity to use the feeders weighing less than sixty grams. But if the rod or mounted on his tip, not designed for casting of the selected feeders (its weight is too large), then, most likely, will occur breakage of the tip of the feeder…

If the reservoir for the weak or non-existent, then a trough, which is used on water with a strong current, under these conditions, will be quite heavy. Additionally, the bottom, in such waters, most likely muddy, and difficult feeders will wallow in the mud with every cast. In such circumstances, use of the feeders weighing about 20 grams, and even lighter.

It is clear that the rod, with a minimum test of, say, 60 grams, will not be able to provide a normal throw more light feeders or proper line tension and after the burden will fall to the bottom. The most flexible tip of such a feeder rod when attempting to tighten the line, will straighten up, gradually pulling the feeder towards the shore.

So: range of throw-weights of the feeders with which to work comfortably, using the available tip of the rod, affects the upper and lower value of the test feeder.

However, should avoid the common error of beginners who buy feeder rod with a wide range of dough (for example, 10 to 300 grams) and, in addition, a minimum set of tips. This rod is unlikely to be high quality and will take a lot of trouble to its owner.

An example of a properly selected test rods: 60 – 180 grams, set of three tips.


Long gone are the days when in order to throw the gear far away have to take the «stick» longer. Of course, the laws of physics have not been canceled, but now the rod is made from sufficiently high quality materials, so even a relatively short rod you can throw a tackle at a decent distance.

The choice of the length of feeder that you want to take with you on fishing impact conditions such as the presence of vegetation on the waterfront. As a short rod to get the fish out of the water, if before fishing, for example, five feet of aquatic vegetation? In this situation, of course, better to take the feeder longer. But if it is necessary to fish under the overhanging branches, it would be nice to take a shorter feeder rods.

Long feeder is to take in the fact if the pond is quite a lot of fishermen. Because the fish in it are more careful and casting distance can be a decisive factor influencing the performance of fishing.


Not worth buying a feeder rod in online store, after all, so it will be possible to examine the purchase, and this is very important. You should pay attention to every detail and check everything: that there were no chips, worked fine reel holder, densely entered to his knees to rings on each knee, including the apex, was pine and no chipping.

Only with such a responsible approach, which is not like any seller, you can get a really good feeder rod.

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