The catching of a predator, or the subtleties of catching catfish.

The catching of a predator, or the subtleties of catching catfish.

The secret key does not contain anything secret, it’s pretty accessible information that can be found in any book intended for beginners in the field of fishing.

Here you can read about that by their nature, catfish are very active, not in their nature to attack the victim, hiding in ambush, they openly come out to hunt, moving across the pond. Especially important at night, when almost irrelevant for soma what and where to bite. What can I use? The palette is very wide: gets whether a toad or small and large cuttings are snails, worms, and you can use lures. It should be remembered the pits that loves catfish, but this does not apply to the period when begins the big hunt. The hunter then at high speed easily overcomes even the greatest distances in the reservoir.

The bait in this rapid hunting can be found everywhere. But if catfish will bite on this bait, superstition, it will be the exception in your process of conquering the fish. You will not be able to learn about the real places of his stay and at the same time and brag about their victories comrades.

The next stage in revealing the secrets of how to overcome soma. Night is the best period of fishing for catfish. This explains why your friends soratniki did not take you with me. Like, how embarrassing it was to call at a later time to call a person who is already almost asleep.

It is important to know the coordinates Somavia pit, then feel free to charge yourself in three to ten bites. Believe me, you will not regret it: the first poklav usually occurs in twenty-one twenty — two hours. And then, after a lull, you’ll be back in business: in the morning som will assert itself, and then again, three in the again you might get lucky.

Often, caught one catfish fisherman extremely draining your power decides to stop fishing. But in this case it is not necessary to think that you know exactly where the pit in which he lives som.

Now we come to the publication of a secret number three. And, you guessed it, the exact knowledge of the location of places of stay mustachioed trickster with. Real comunici receive such information, as stated by inheritance. If the ancestors were in this case, the real masters, they will tell their descendants of the necessary information, if satisfied that their children are very interested in their occupation. And this way of getting information really is true. But it does not always work, because often it turns out that they do not know the exact location of the pits.

And some close people you can not trust with your secrets. And their vague response to your questions you, of course, not satisfied. And interestingly, you need to pay attention to the place of frills. If you have a certain place Somavia above there and start your fishing. It is worth testing the efficacy of different baits. These places can be examined with the help of echalote. When you are sure that it is really Somavia pit, will understand these soratnikov. And do not want to share with someone so important to you. And you will always have luck!

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