The carp fishing on mormyshka in the winter

Fishing for carp on mormyshku vzimku

The statement that the carp in winter falls into a daze and catching it is impossible, true, but not always. On the small ponds with stagnant water and occurs. But on large reservoirs and rivers where the water remains sufficiently large amount of oxygen, carp fishing on mormyshka in the winter can be quite successful.


tackle for carp fishing on mormyshka

To pick up a tackle for carp fishing on mormyshka in the winter will not be difficult. Fairly simple items that only need to monitor their quality.

1. Rod. Fits any small celkovou fishing rod for winter fishing. The length of the whip – 20-25 cm

2. Nod. Selected under the weight of the lure. High sensitivity, overtravel is large enough. Carp are biting very careful, so overly stiff nod will not allow you to notice the bite.

3. Fishing line. Should take the most subtle and invisible fishing line. In winter the fish are becoming more cautious noticeable, the snap-in might frighten him. Usually use monofilament with a diameter of 0.10 mm – this scaffold from a quality manufacturer can easily handle carp weighing 1 kg.

4. Coil. Simple coils of small diameter. In the case of fishing «balalaika» coil already included as part of the rods.

Characteristics blesny

Jig – metal artificial bait has a body different shapes and a welded hook. There are jigs with a planting and baitless. Carp to catch with the use of additional attachments that increase the likelihood of bites.

Baits for the carp are selected according to the following characteristics:

1. Form.

Now there are quite a number of different models of jigs. But despite the different names, many of them just repeat each other. Best for catching carp are considered to be six types of rewards:


the bullet (ball);

– drop without tabs and with it;

– uralka;



2. Material.

Standard spinners are made of tungsten, lead and tin. The material is selected depending on the depth of fishing. When fishing for carp in winter the lure must quickly reach the bottom, so it’s best if it’s made of tungsten. For fishing shallow enough tin lure.

3. Size.

I take the standard small lure, diameter not exceeding 3 mm. the number of the hook according to the international classification ranges from 15 to 18.

4. Color.

To choose a certain catchability painting lures almost impossible. Carp is extremely variable and during a fishing day can repeatedly change their preferences. In this regard, the fisherman must have a good supply of jigs in different colors to quickly change the bait when you stop biting.

The most common are the following colors:

· Silver. Such lures are used most often. Usually they start fishing and if the bite is missing, go to lures of different colors.

· Yellow and red (brass, copper). Second in importance and are used in the absence of fish on the silver.

· Black, dark grey, brown. Can be that light lures are not working. Then you should go for dark colors. This may be due to changes in the weather or just at the whim of the fish.

Much less the above uses the lure of bright colors. It may just be a small surge of fish that suddenly refuses to bite on the ordinary bait, restoring the biting when you install spinners acid colors. And there are separate ponds, in which carp takes only the bright bait.

However, we advise you in shallow water to use dark lures and the depth of the light. First of all it is connected with the illumination and visibility of baits in the water column.

When fishing at great depths or at night perform well lures luminous – they glow in the water column, becoming more visible and attractive to fish. Among the disadvantages are that they need from time to time to change to «charging».


bait on mormyshku

Like most fish, winter carp trying to jump on high-calorie foods rich in proteins. Basis is the food of animal origin:

– Motyl;

– maggot;

– manure worm;

– larva burdock moth;

– the caddis worm.

At the same time to impose it in such a way to hide the sting the lips of the carp is very soft and it on the tip of the hook, it will not take the bait. So the crank is pushed by the beam, the maggot – in several pieces.

Often, especially with high activity, carp is a good idea to plant bait:

– bread, mixed with water and drops of flavoring or vegetable oil;

– dough;

– mash semolina;

– steamed barley.

Bait for carp fishing on mormyshka

bait for fishing crucian carp mormyshku

Bait for carp in winter is no less important than in summer. Given the decline in appetite and activity, it allows you to attract the fish, ensuring a good catch.

You can use a mixture of purchase, but rather just to make the bait yourself. In this case it should consist of fine components that make the water turbid nutrient cloud, and large particles, which are eaten by fish.

Main components:

– breadcrumbs;

– bran;

– cake of sunflower (makuha);

– powdered milk;

– semolina;

– crushed cookies;

– Kashi.

Additional components:

small maggot;

– Motyl;

chopped worm.

As the aromatic substance is better to use natural ingredients:

– garlic;

– vanilla;

– cinnamon;

– cocoa powder;

– pounded seeds of fennel or anise:

– roasted flax seeds and hemp.

All of these components can be mixed in different proportions and compositions, the main thing – do not overdo it with the flavorings, the excess of which is able to scare away the fish. Also in the bait have to be the bait.

The simplest option mixture is a mixture of breadcrumbs with the maggot or bloodworms mixed with the water of the pond.

As an example of a more complex mixture, you can use this recipe:

· one part is taken semolina, wheat chaff, breadcrumbs;

· 1⁄2 parts of sunflower seeds crushed cookies;

· pinch of cinnamon or vanilla (or other flavoring).

Home prepared dry mixture, and before the beginning of catching it is added to the water from the pond. After a while, the bait mixture nourishes the water, swell and to form small balls, which were transported into the hole.

No need to throw too much bait to not overfeed the fish – 3-5 balls is enough for a feeding hole.

Playing technique and tactics of fishing

The carp fishing on mormyshka in the winter depends on the skill of the angler to ensure quality and proper play of the jig. Carp is not a predator, so too much movement of the lure in the water can scare him. The game gear should be smooth, without sudden movements and jerks. A sudden movement of the bait on the bottom can help in rare situations when the fish are very lethargic and not paying attention to the bait.

A normal game starts from lowering the jig to the bottom and is in a smooth rise by 30-40 cm and released to its original position with pauses. The movement should be uniform, and the length of pauses depends on the bite and regulated in the process of fishing. To make the strokes more than a meter makes no sense – carp feed from the bottom, so fishing in the upper layers of water will not bring results.

Periodically, it is useful to knock the jig on the bottom. This allows you to raise a murky cloud, mimicking swarming insects in the soil. After stirring spinners in the soil it raises the 3-5 cm and pause.

It is useful to change equipment transaction by reducing the activity of the fish. While playing a jig, the angler should experiment, selecting the combination that better attract fish to change, if necessary, the length of pauses, speed and height of the swings and so on.

Well shown tactics to use several fishing rods with jigs. In this case, the selected location being drilled next 3-4 holes and prikarmlivat. Active game tackle is only one of them. In other cells is catching on stationary jigs that are fixed at the bottom. From fishing should not forget to follow the rods in time in response to the bite.

The bite from carp are very accurate, so the reaction must follow on the slightest movement of a nod (usually a small wiggle or lift). It is necessary to strike gently, as the soft lips of the carp easy to break the hook.

If within 1-1,5 hours in one of the pits did not bite, it is necessary to change the place.

The undeniable advantage of winter carp fishing is a high probability of catching large individuals. With the onset of winter weather and ice formation small carp, which puts the hooks in the summer, the first is for the winter, burrowing into the mud, and large individuals can save more or less stable activity until spring.

Where and when to look for carp

Carp is widely distributed in ponds and usually find it is easy. But winter frosts often brings about changes and find the fish in the pond may be delayed. When carp fishing on mormyshka in winter you should pay attention to the following places:

1) parts of the reservoir where the bottom is covered with sand or silt where the carp looking for food. Especially good to catch in sand pits and in the bays;

2) near aquatic vegetation where a large amount of appropriate food;

3) areas with weak currents, where a fairly high level of dissolved oxygen;

4) the differences of depths.

In winter, catch carp should be in places with a depth of three meters. Also, do not try to catch it at a depth of not less than one meter.

The best bite is observed at the beginning of winter, just after ice formation, with the second half of February, when the fish aktiviziruyutsya before the onset of spring and the beginning of spawning.

In the middle of winter is marked by a decrease in the activity of fish is low temperature and lead it into the deep pit. But to completely bite is usually not lost. The exceptions are small ponds, where carp can really burrow into the mud and spend the winter in a daze.

With fishing quite difficult to guess, but the best periods are the morning and evening. It is not the fact that the carp will actively behave in this watch – the bite can be only in the morning and evening away, or Vice versa. Often the bite can last all day with varying intensity.

In extreme cold, the biting usually stops completely, resumed with increasing temperature. The best period for fishing – thaw with coziness. Also a good catch can provide Sunny days with a slight frost.

The biting of a crucian depend on the pressure at high atmospheric pressure, it behaves more actively, than at low.

the wintering carp

Recommendations to increase catch:

· For the convenience of fishermen fill the dough into the syringe, squeezing out even portions for fixing.

· The bait mixture should be divided into two parts of different consistency. Some balls should be scattered upon reaching the bottom, and the other immediately when immersed in water, leaving the post flavorful and nutritious plume.

· When fishing silted areas of the jig should not be sucked into the silt, staying in front of fish.

· Activity of carp can effectively fish all night, especially since the bulk of the strikes carried out larger than the day specimens.

· Carp is a schooling fish. If the bite is in the hole suddenly disappeared, it may mean that the joint has gone away and you should try to move yourself.

· In January slow carp can often be found in the coastal area at shallow depths (if the frost is not too severe).

· Quite often use spinners of red, similar to bloodworms. But such a bait does not always provide a good catch, so rely on it not worth it.

Catch carp in the winter is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. If the warm time of the year he caught effortlessly, with the onset of cold weather it takes a lot of effort to ensure a decent catch. Here you need to take into account the weather conditions and the correct lure, bait, time of fishing activity and other factors. But with the proper approach the carp fishing on mormyshka in the winter can bring very good result and fishermen, to ensure good conduct time.

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