The caddis worm and bread beetle

The caddis worm and bread beetle

Caddis worm (ochitok).

The fishermen by the bait already spread for a long time. And catch it about every white fish in running water and in lakes.

The larva of the gnats of the great loves water with a typical oxygen content, does not like the industrial plugs. And she hides in the tube-shell, which resembles a thin chip of dried twigs.

Most often, it sticks to the branches of the willow, driftwood, leaves of sedges and reeds. Great fishing on this larva-2nd half of may, this is due to the onset of stable warm weather. A great place to store larvae-jar of water from the pond where it was extracted. Change the water better after 2-3 hours. Extracted from the tube worm is often pink and pale green. To impose it on the hook you need to make a puncture under the black head. Caught on caddis fly fishing and float rod.

Grain beetle (Kuzka)

When summer begins and only Bud bread, he shows up on earth, Kuzka gets to the spikes to eat your favorite juice nalivayka beans.

Grain beetle stored in a jar with holes, leaving her a few ears.

The best kind of fishing beetle fly fishing. Chub caught from the shore, the lakes from the shore or from a boat.

Before mounting the hook off the beetle’s hard elytra. Pierce the hook under the head and abdomen. Hook size should match the number of 5-6. Stronger line is taken.

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