The bream fishing on the feeder

Bream is one of the most favorite fish of modern fishermen. And the bream fishing on the feeder gives you the opportunity to hold competitions between the fisherman and the fish the ability to be smart and check the speed response. The best period for fishing for such fish is the period after the ban of fishing and somewhere in the middle of summer. First, the fish is acting quite economical, but then Stepanets.

And after a significant warming of the water, bream again begins very intensively to search for food, and that’s why at this moment, very good catch it at the feeder. Not often, but sometimes in late summer bursts gluttony of this fish, but not always they can be caught. As for time of day, when is the best time to go fishing for bream, it is best to catch during the morning dawn to a maximum of ten o’clock in the morning. The bream fishing on the feeder in the evening will not give a good catch in the morning, because do not want to suffer from such fishing. And even if the day is not very hot noon, you can catch quite large bream. Therefore, many fishermen say that large fish had not get up.

Season fishing bream does not affect the fishing spot. So the same place will never give you the same catch bream at different times of the year. In early summer it is best to catch such fish in small rivers, which fall into the larger rivers. And in the middle of the summer the best fishing for bream on the feeder occurs in the mainstream of major rivers. Therefore it is necessary to think in advance in which places you need to go for a successful and good fishing, not to break up lightly. The most important factor for successful fishing for bream using the feeder is bait. Experienced fishermen never forget to add to the traditional bait of grain barley and millet. You can also add canned sweet corn, only on the condition that the bream to it in place of your fishing is already accustomed to. If the school of fish will swim past the dusty clouds easy bait, they will easily be swept away in its path and not finding the radius of nothing more substantial will float on and may not return. And if you constantly keep the bait bream in the same place, he will stay here for a long time and will be found.

The bream fishing on the feeder is reminiscent of a strategy for the development of the correct installation of feeder, location of sensible foods, etc. to begin good fishing for bream on the feeder, then you will need to do two types of lure: the lure dust and basic. Do you take the main house. And dust can soak already in place. Weight foods should first be washed out of the bottom of the trough to quickly attract fish to the so-called «festive table». Also have your lure will gather not a few small fry that will attract a large enough fish, and it will be interesting. When biting large bream the top of your feeder will be dramatically bent. And here you have you have to show your skills without losing big trophy back to the reservoir. Of course it is easier to hold a fishing with a partner, but many fishermen produce is not a bad catch and alone.


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