The bream fishing on the Donk

Many real fishermen always dream of catching a big fish while fishing. And catch a good bream angler not to everyone under force. Well-trained fisherman who will be the Executive and accurately perform the required rules and principles of fishing bream, you can expect a decent catch while fishing. The bream fishing on the Donk is one of the most common and effective methods of catching fish in our country. Usually such a fishing tackle is carried out in ponds from the shore, more rarely from a boat. Bream as mentioned earlier a very cautious fish, so when fishing on the Donk can apply nozzle very accurately and effortlessly in place of bait on the pond. A Donk usually fishermen independently of the master, because everyone has their own requirements, and the proposed options in the store is not always adequate. For donkey often use rubber of a thickness not exceeding 1.5 mm and the look must be uniform, without holes and bumps. Even if you stretch the rubber of normal quality, it will not break. Please note that the cut there was no void that can only affect a quick rupture of the rubber at the wrong time. In stock you should have several pieces of rubber of various lengths. While selecting the rod you need to focus on the weight of equipment, length of the rod is not particularly important. The bream fishing on the Donk is also not particularly dependent on the quality of the coil. You will throw the fishing-rod is not often, you will be enough simple Chinese coil. Fishing line this fishing should be thin and not thick. Our main goal is to make reliable and easy the Donk, which will not be susceptible to shooting and give the opportunity to quietly and without nerves to spend time fishing. The only thing you should pay attention to is the flow of the river. If the current is strong, you will need a thinner line and Vice versa. By the way, note that on the line don’t hit any odorous liquid during transportation, bream are very sensitive to odors, so they might frighten it. The bream fishing on the Donk also depends on the lure, which is better to cook yourself rather than buy ready at the store have artificial additives which are not effective for such fishing. It is best to use whole clean peas, but you can add barley or millet. For your donkey you will be enough for about 1-2 pounds of peas. It should a little to prepare while still at home. Pour the peas with cold water and not put the fire, cook for 10 minutes and drained. Here is one part of feeding and ready. The second nozzle is a traditional worms, maggots, etc. After cooking the bait you need to find the right place for fishing. It is worth to note that bream does not like the open area on the Donk it is better to catch in the thickets and the reeds. The bream fishing on the Donk is a very exciting hobby that will have to beckon to him after the first time you try.

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