The bream fishing on the combine in the winter

Fishing clicking on the combine vzimku

Interest in fishing for bream fishermen continues unabated even in harsh winter frosts. To get it under the ice pretty hard, as this fish has a well developed organs of smell, hearing and sight. But these qualities make bream desirable, and fishing is a very rich and interesting. The bream fishing on the combine in the winter is one way to get that delicious and big fish.

Selection of tackle

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Often the bream fishing takes place on rivers and canals. This is especially true in the winter as in places over the quantity of dissolved oxygen is always higher than in stagnant water that attracts the fish in the winter and makes it more active. Specifically fishing for bream on for a designated harvester or, as it is called, susnik.

Gear is selected so:

1. The rod.

Any kucova winter fishing rod, capable of withstanding the weight of the bream, you need to consider the size of future production. A good option is a rod with a spinning of polyester is light and strong enough. The fit and «balalaika», the more that such gear in the kit is already a coil, which is the handle.

When fishing on a combine care should be taken to stand for the fishing rods, not to keep it in his hands while waiting for the fish to bite.

2. Nod.

Not too long, are made of metal plate. With self-manufacturing is well to use a spring from an old mechanical alarm clocks.

3. Coil.

Any convenient for fishing, capable of holding 30 meters of the line. At small depths can be fished on motoviltse.

4. The main fishing line.

Bream – the fish is large, it is best to put the monofil diameter of 0.3-0.35 mm, or a twist of 0.1-0.15 mm. it is not necessary to forget about a good sight of fish, so fishing line is too thick just scares her. Ideally, you should try to choose the most subtle and invisible fishing line to tackle.

5. Pedestrian line.

Diameter less than the main – 0,14-0,2 mm. it is best to apply fluorocarbon the line invisible in the water, but the high cost makes it not too available.

6. Hooks.

For the combine will need 3-5 hooks 5 through 8 rooms at the international table. They should put drops of phosphorus, light on depth, or in lieu of the usual hooks to use jigs under the nozzle a phosphor.

7. Feeder.

Closed and quite heavy. Its purpose is not only to lure the fish, but hold it over, so the mass is chosen depending on power flow.

Installation snap-in

Manufacturing of combine harvester by yourself is not particularly difficult. There are two options for equipment.

1. Does the driver cut the line with a length of 1,2-2 meter (usually take 1.5 meters). On the edge of a fishing line secured to the hook, after which is hung a couple of weights-pellets. This is a necessary measure – bream in search of food picks at the bottom, digging the silt mouth, so weights help to keep the hooks near the bottom. Further on leashes length of 10-15 cm tally 2 hook. It is desirable to maintain equal space between the hooks.

On the main fishing line at a distance of 4-6 m from the edge are two retaining beads. Between them is secured a swivel, to which is attached a feeder on a leash with a length of about 20 cm.

The main drive pin and fishing line together in a knot. Tackle ready. Distance from the trough to the hooks to be easily adjusted by moving the stops on the fishing line during fishing.

The number of hooks (or jigs) vehicle may be more than three or at the discretion of the angler. But a large number does not guarantee the increase of bites. Sometimes this complicates the process of fishing – tackle easier confused, and dive into the hole and pulled.

2. The second option has a fixed distance from the hooks to the trough. In this case, at the end of the main fishing line is tied to the trough, and the leash hook is attached through the swivel just above. Here you can change only the length of the leash and that is not in the process of fishing, and in manufacturing.

Sometimes, instead of feeders use the right weight of sinker. This method is less effective because you still have to feed the hole to attract fish.

The method of catching bream in winter

Fishing clicking on the combine vzimku

To catch bream in winter on the combine simply. The process is as follows:

• In the location, and drilled the hole.

• Hook (jig) is placed the bait, and in a manger hammered the bait.

• Leash hook is lowered into the well first. Here rush is not worth it – the water flow should include snap-down turning. Then immersed feeder.

• After touching a trough bottom a fishing pole is installed near the wells on the stand.

Extra fishing line spool is tightened to such an extent as to nod slightly bent and could signal the bite.

The principle of operation is that of the trough is washed out bait and drift downstream, passing the leash. Bream, going to smell, stumbles upon the hooks with bait. Weights-pellets near the first hook to hold the leash at the bottom and the fish definitely will not pass.

Search bream under the ice for

Despite the fact that in the rivers the bream in winter is more active than in the lakes, you can find it – no easy task. At the beginning of winter it continues to move down the river in search of food, often coming into shallow water.

In gluhozime fish is trying to go in depth. Priority will be large rivers with depths of 7-10 meters. You should also pay attention to the following places:

• pits;

• turns the channel. In a place like this one shore is steeper and it is possible to find great depth;

• a place at the Cape after the turn, on the border of weak and strong currents;

• the exit point of the channel holes with the quiet over. In a place like this and bite will be better seen;

• a sharp narrowing of the riverbed.

In late winter large bream biting starts and preparing to spawn. Activity increases dramatically, it starts to go again in shallow waters and spends in search of food more time, which increases the length of time fishing.

Bream prefers clay and shailene bottom, which terminates the mouth in search of food. Avoid large accumulations of vegetation on the bottom, where the amount of oxygen in the water due to rotting of plants falls sharply.


The bream fishing on the combine in the winter is impossible without baits. Equipment involves passive catch, so at the bare hook bream just will not go.

In winter bream is almost completely converted to rich in proteins and vitamins animal feed. The best baits are:

– Motyl;

– red manure worm;

– maggot.

In some periods, especially at the beginning and the end of winter, bream are biting well on a vegetable bait as mastyrka. Prepare quite easily, and in ulovistost it can compete with animal heads.

A simple recipe masterki:

Cup yellow peas, rinsed several times until water becomes clear, and boil until tender. Peas of poor quality can negatively affect the quality of the nozzles, so better not to save. Cooked chickpeas crushed with Tolokonsky or blender.

Further comminuted pea mix along with the semolina. Add it gradually, mixing constantly. When the mixture reaches a smooth consistency and will cease to stick to hands, mastyrka ready. Cup of peas goes from half to a third of a Cup of semolina. The more decoys, the better the bait stays on the hook, but less attractive to bream.

In mastyrka, at the discretion of the angler, you can add additional components:

– med;

– sugar;

– sunflower oil;

– egg.

It is highly desirable in a mixture for winter fishing add powdered vitamins (for example, «Revit»). Also suggest to dilute semolina wheat flour in the ratio of 1 to 1.

After cooking mastyrka can be divided into portions, wrap in plastic and store in the freezer.


In winter bream are very Moody and choosy. From your selection of bait depends on how the bream fishing in the winter combine will be successful.

Bait can be divided into two main parts – plant and animal, which should be the same as the bait. All vegetable ingredients should be thoroughly crushed. Their task – to form in the water column nutrient a turbidity cloud, which will communicate the current and attract fish. This will perfectly suit the bran, sunflower meal, crushed corn flakes, breadcrumbs.

Every fisherman preparing the bait in its own way, in accordance with the preferences of the fish and characteristics of the reservoir. A model for novice fishermen can rent the following recipes:

1. breadcrumbs – 2 cups;

peas – 1 Cup;

sunflower seeds roasted – glass;

cereal «Hercules» Cup.

The peas are boiled until tender. All the ingredients are crushed and are mixed in a homogeneous mass. Next, you add the maggots, bloodworm or chopped red worm (depends on what will happen fishing).

Instead of breadcrumbs you can use regular and skip through a meat grinder.

2. bran – 1 Cup;

crushed crackers – 2 cups;

minced biscuits 1 Cup;

ground hemp seeds – 1 Cup.

Everything is crushed into a homogeneous mass and mixed. After the bait is introduced. For the viscosity of the mixture is better to mix with water from the pond directly. Water use from the wells will not scare away the fish, leaving bait mixes familiar smell for him.

The proportions of the ingredients and their composition can vary. The basic rule is not to forget to add animal bait.


To strengthen the effect of bait you can use flavorings, but you should be very careful. In winter, the smell of bream escalates, he becomes more cautious. Therefore, a strong and pungent smell is able to scare him off.

Synthetic flavours is not recommended. As aromatic supplements should be taken only natural ingredients:

• roasted sunflower seeds or hemp;

• garlic;

• vanilla;

• coriander.

In any case, it is important not to overdo it with aromatic Supplement.

Useful tips:

• Bream large mouth, so bait on the hook should be a lot (Joker, for example, pushed by the beam). In addition, immediately pricked on the tip of a hook, careful fish immediately spit the bait.

• Mastyrka pretty quickly becomes unusable, so cooking it in too large quantities is not necessary.

• Because of the wide body, very large instance of bream may not be in the hole. If the probability of that person’s detention is high, at one point drilled three holes almost touching. During playing of the trophy need only to remove jumper wire between them and pull the prey on the ice.

• Excellent hearing bream eliminates loud conversations and frequent boating angler on the ice.

Lovers of fishing, the bream fishing on the combine in the winter may seem boring and monotonous task. Despite this, supporters of this method of fishing quite a lot, the result may surpass all expectations. And the main advantage of this method is the simplicity and accessibility of equipment and the ease with which even a novice can provide a good catch.

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