The bream fishing on mormyshka in the winter

Fishing clicking on vzimku mormyshku

Bream is not only large, but very tasty fish, so the interest of the fishermen to him does not weaken neither winter nor summer. In addition, this fish is a beautiful sight and smell, he was discreet enough to catch a really decent copy quite difficult. One of the many ways to catch bream in the winter is fishing on mormyshka.

The place of catching bream in winter

Feeding habits of bream determine his whereabouts – he gets food in the soil, so often kept at the bottom. With decreasing temperature the fish goes into the deepest places where the oxygen level remains rather high. Prefers clay or silt covered bottom.

When choosing a place to exclude areas with lots of fallen vegetation – the process of rotting grass oxygen and destroys fish is not suitable even for the most catchability bait.

The Parking lot bream:

  • edge;
  • pit;
  • drop offs;
  • the differences of depths;
  • underwater channels.

Toward the middle of the winter to look for bream in shallow water is meaningless – the fish goes into the pit, becomes sluggish and cautious. In severe frost depth bream fishing on large reservoirs is more than 10 meters.

Bait fishing for bream in winter on mormyshka

Winter bream becomes sedentary, poorly fed, so the bait in most cases is simply necessary. The mixture can be quite varied, but the main thing – to add animal components (bloodworm, maggot), as in the cold season the bream goes to high-calorie foods rich in proteins.

Recipes of groundbaits for bream in winter:

1. One-to-one mix of crushed flakes «Hercules» and the breadcrumbs. On the pond before catching enough to add bloodworms and kneading the mixture with water.

2. The bait mixture is a mixed in different proportions, dry milk, bread crumbs and cake. The basis is a Joker. Plant part nutrient creates a murky cloud, which attracts fish, and bloodworms holds bream in the point of fishing. The undesirable flavors in the winter bream especially cautious and may be frightened too odors.

3. The easiest option is to freeze in plastic forms bloodworms and drop portions into the hole. Gradually thaw, this bait will keep a flock of bream in one place. In addition, frozen bloodworms stored for a long time and does not lose its properties after freezing and thawing.

The ideal option is skarmlivanii holes the day before fishing.

At small depth the bait is simply thrown into the hole by hand, at considerable depths is lowered by bait feeders.

Bait fishing for bream in winter on mormyshka

In winter the priority of the bream animal food. The main nozzle is a Joker, then ulovistost are maggots and red manure worm. Good bream on «sandwiches» – different combinations of these baits on a single hook.

The only bait of a vegetable origin, which is bream in the winter, is mastyrka. It consists of such basic components as peas, semolina and water, and extra sugar, honey, eggs, vitamins, sunflower oil. It should be noted that vitamins for the winter masterki required. You can use the usual «Revit», pills which is pounded and a small amount is added to the mixture.

The recipe is simple: soak peas, boil until tender and mash. Next, add the semolina and the water and knead the dough. If it no longer stick to hands, so mastyrka ready. Additional components are added as desired in the cooking process.

Mastyrka portion can be stored in the freezer, but it is better to prepare as much as you need for catching – it quickly disappears, so to cook a «reserve» is not necessary.

Tackle box

The bream fishing on mormyshka is not an easy task and the selection of gear directly affects the quality of the game bait.

1. A very comfortable rod is «balalaika», which allows smooth movements needed to play a jig when fishing for bream. Also suitable for light rod with handle and whip with a length of 20-25 cm.

2. Nod sensitive length of 10 cm or more, made of polyester or metal plates.

3. Fishing line should be thin in order not to stand out in the water, but matched the weight of production. For bream to 1 kg, suitable diameter of 0.12-0.14 mm, If you can bite the large ones, then you should put a monofilament thickness of 0,15-0,22 mm Stock depends on the depth of fishing, but should not be less than 20 meters.

Lures for winter fishing bream

Jig is an artificial lure with a fixed hook. Made from tin, lead and tungsten, has a variety of shapes and sizes.

In winter bream fishing jig is used quite often. This is due to the high efficiency of the lure and opportunity on the same tackle to catch small bream and trophy.

There are many efficient «lescovich» of jigs, but they can be divided into two main types: baitless and replanting.

Baitless jigs (besttelki)

Besttelki do not require additional bait that is catching occurs on a bare hook and depends only on game fishermen. They resemble insects and their larvae, they feed on bream. In the water the movement of the lure resemble the behavior of falling into water insect, which makes it a desirable prey for fish.

Especially catchability models:

• Fig;

• Cosa;

• nymph;

• ant;

• uralka.

Especially often used for fishing in places with current, which results in motion more similar to insects. The game features a small range of motion up and down and high frequency oscillations.

Jig with a planting

These lures are used together with the additional lure that bream prefer. Most often in winter, jig hooked bloodworms. These lures have a simple form, as the main role in luring fish is on the bait.

Models for bream:

• pellet;

• drop;

• conventional and reverse of oralce (they also can be fished without bait);

• osinka;

• the ball.

These lures you can successfully catch bream even in gluhozime. For different conditions it is possible to allocate separate models: large depth and current – uralka; a small depth and a small bream – drop and osinka. In any case, it is necessary to have a supply of spinners and choose the most efficient directly on the pond.

Features of jigs

The size of the lure depends on the size of the bream in the pond. It is worth considering that bream has a rather large mouth, so small lures for him will not work. It is better to take spinner large size, and in the middle of winter when weak Kleve – average.

The weight of the bait depends on fishing circumstances. The stronger the current and greater the depth, the harder it must be the jig. We must remember that at the same size weight of the jigs may vary – it all depends on the metal from which they are made. Tungsten has the highest weight, and tin is the smallest. So, in shallow water, apply baits made of tin, but at a great depth tungsten. Lead costs between the two metals and is suitable for average fishing conditions.

Color catchability bait can vary on the same pond – winter fish rather capricious and cautious. In winter he prefers natural colors – green, black, white, grey – but with the change of weather can change your preferences.

Baitless lures are often decorated with impaled on the hook with beads and kembrikom different colors to make it more attractive.

Technique when fishing for bream on lures

The quality of the games of the jig depends directly on the success of the fishing. Fishermen with experience are easily adapted for the behavior of the fish, on the move, changing tactics. Range of motion, speed, pause length, frequency and number of cycles – all this is selected in the course of fishing, producing in the end the most suitable style.

Among a large number of game variations of the jig there are several basic:

1. The lure sinks to the bottom, and followed by slow climbs 3-5 cm and the same slow lowering. The ascent or descent of 1 cm per second.

2. Rod smoothly, but with the acceleration rises to the level of the shoulder. Then there’s a pause and sweeps.

3. The bait is gently lowered, at the moment of touching the bottom taking a break.

4. Small ascents spinners interspersed with taps on the bottom and pauses.

5. When fishing on the devil the lure falls to the bottom, followed by a few taps on the ground to lift the cloud of turbidity. Then follows a short pause, and the bait gradually climbs to 30-40 cm In the end of the climb another pause, and control the cutting – at this moment happens the bite.

All these methods can be repeated or combined in different ways. Also the UPS and downs can be diluted with oscillations of the lure. Especially take into account a pause, during which bites occur when weak Kleve and the period of gluhozime they should be longer when the active pause is shorter. And don’t forget that winter bream prefer an even game.

Recommendations to fishermen

• Bream has excellent hearing, so you should try to avoid loud conversations and excessive walking on ice.

• Stick to bloodworms or maggots need beams while leaving the body of the jig.

• A bullet and the ball should catch on a small depth, the nymph and orally – the big one.

• Change the color of the lure during fishing, you can use markers.

• To facilitate the replacement of the jig in the cold will help the carabiner attached to the end of the fishing line to which lure and fastened.

In winter bream too cautious and suitable to the hole to half an hour.

• Bream has very good eyesight, so the equipment should be minimally visible in the water.

• If in a reservoir there are very big bream, then you should be prepared. In the point of fishing is drilled three closest wells, the jumper between which breaks easily by hand at catching a trophy.

No need to think that jig is good only for catching predatory fish. With proper selection of gear and techniques of playing the bait to catch many species of fish, especially bream. And this fish is able to please the most demanding angler.

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