The bream fishing in winter

Bream is one of the most desirable fish in the catches of fishermen of winter roads. In recent years, actively gaining popularity of the bream fishing on mormyshka-asmatico. The stores is a lot of articles under the title «baitless jig». But experienced fishermen prefer the new-fangled lures old, time-tested «oralce», «dracena», «ants». Their years of experience fishing bream says newbie better to start with the classics. As a rule, the bream fishing use jig black, dark green and brown colors with different combinations of inserts of plates of non-ferrous metal.

A very important element of any baitless jigs is a set of beads on the shank. These, at first glance totally senseless rattle Lesovoy give the jig a special touch. Thanks to different color combination of the beads, baitless jig becomes a highly specialized nozzle. Is hung on the same lure beads with a combination of black and yellow colors, as mostly will bite perch, but should change the beading on the white-blue combination as it already begins to bite the big bream and bream present. Instead of beads you can use a small end sleeves from insulation, but the same color as the beads.

In good baitless jigs hook should not be too large and long. The game of the jig defies precise classification. A particular angler has his own game, but much depends on the nod – that the part of the rod, which creates attractive to bream fluctuations jig.

Apply long or short nod is a private matter. But, the longer the nod, the harder it is to supply them with a sharp and rapid fluctuations of the jig, which is often necessary when the active bite of fish, but long nod allows you to work the bait slowly. With a short nod all the way around. Most often used by fishermen flexible nods from Dacron they are very reliable and tenacious. In Lesovoy fishing baitless jigs used Ledovy lure.

Most often it is the simple bloodworm. In order to fish different change in kind of ruff and perch were not consumed solid foods until the bream waders before fishing freeze and throw in the hole in pieces.

The inactive biting bream on the jig-asmatico you can plant small maggots or burdock, previously obscuring the hole ice, as the winter bream be wary of falling into the water of the world.

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