The bream fishing in the spring

According to many anglers, spring is the best time for fishing bream. The bream fishing in the spring it is better to start in March-April after the ice flow or at a time when the water is slightly lowered and cleared. When fishing for bream in the spring we should not forget that the choice of gear for such fishing is determined by the location and timing of fishing. From the choice of such a «tool» depends on the success of the fishing, so pick the gear you need to carefully.

Usually before spawning, the fish starts to stray into the pack and trying to swim closer to the shore. In such cases, experienced anglers recommend fishing for bream in the spring of float rod. Such a set is characterized by its simplicity, convenience and ease when playing a fish. The lack of float fishing rods when fishing for bream in the spring is manifested only in the fact that when fishing very close to shore, fish can hear even small noises fishermen.

Best for catching bream in the spring to choose a seven-meter telescope, which experienced anglers consider the best option of the rod. When choosing it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the rod, especially on the necessary ease. Experienced fishermen know that the quality of the fishing rod affects its weight. In lighter rods, as a rule, the highest quality material and workmanship. When choosing gear it is important to ensure on the rod were the guide ring. These devices allow to prevent twisting of the line.

Fishing for bream in the spring, you must apply a very thin line. The best option for this kind of fishing is a fishing line with a diameter of 0.25 mm. It is desirable to use the two leash. One leash should be placed below the sinker, which allows the hook to lie on the bottom. The second leash should be placed above the cargo. This accommodation bait is the most successful, because fish do not always feed from the bottom, and is the location of the bait gives the fish additional choice.

Fishing on bream in the spring should not use too large a hook. The hook needs to be convenient for fixing on him and the worm, motylja. The float for this kind of fishing capacity should be at least one to three grams. Many fishermen during the spring bream fishing use floats teardrop shaped. Such a float is able well enough to withstand the wave and responsive to the line.

The bream fishing in the spring, is fishermen using a fishing line, the color of which depends on the purity of water in the reservoir. At clear and pure water is to use a colorless line, and in muddy water you need a darker vein.

Many fishermen are catching bream in the spring with a ground rod. Bream fed for some time at the coast, and in April-may rushes to the spawning grounds. In this period you need to catch bream on the Donk. Using trotlines to catch a big fish.

Usually fishing for bream in the spring, spend at the distance of twenty or thirty meters from the shore. Good fishing for bream can be in bad weather – strong wind and big wave. Fishing for bream in the spring you can use the various market, but the best option is to Donk with a special feeder. The main element of this tackle – telescopic rod that has a length of about three meters.

When fishing for bream in the spring, use the long rod gives you the ability to throw a feeder a long distance. The longer selected for fishing on bream rod, the more chances of a good catch.

Another mandatory element of the set is the coil. Experienced fishermen advise using a spinning reel and line size of 0.25 mm in diameter. It is desirable to put on the line, and a sliding trough and attach followed by tee, which has two leads.

In bream fishing in the spring is better to use the hooks of small size. It is very important not to forget that the main nozzle for fishing in early spring is a Joker. Later, you can apply for attachment of maggots. Closer to may, after spawning bream is desirable to use plant tips.

For spring night fishing bream on a Donk, you can use a special light sticks. Fishing on bream in the spring to spend in places where clay or rocky bottom. Bream prefers to be in areas of the reservoir with a depth of not less than one meter.

When fishing for bream in the spring to do the bait, for example, from any cereal. Some anglers believe that fish prefer the bait from wheat flour and semolina. Prepared bait you need to shape it into balls and to feed the fish every two to three hours.

Fulfilling all the advice experienced anglers when fishing for bream in the spring, you can get a good catch.

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