The bream fishing in the fall

With the arrival of autumn morning biting bream calms down, but in calm weather it can last until noon. Evening the bite may not be because I work up fat bream fed no more than 4 hours a day. The best time for fishing on small rivers is the period from 7 am to noon.

The most important factor in successful fishing for bream in the autumn is considered to be the correct selection. This time of year, it gathers in large flocks, constantly moving between the bottom edge and direction. Therefore, it is desirable to use fishing match tackle. The best fishing spot will be in places the channel expansion, or areas of its connection to the pit.

In fishing for bream in the autumn an important role always played the bait, which should be very rich in proteins with minimum content of flavors. Although the use of the scent of thyme, as a rule, positively affects the success of fishing. More efficient use of domestic bait for winter fishing. It is also possible to prepare the bait themselves of sunflower cake and biscuits in the ratio 1:3, with the addition of clay, previously dried and powdered. Be sure to include bait components of animal origin, such as bloodworm or maggots. Waters with moderate flow works well with a mixture of breadcrumbs and bran.

It happens that after a bait for a long time, no bites. Therefore, you should feed a few promising fishing spots located at a distance of 50-70 m from each other. Bream at this time of year, usually are actively biting, and after responding to the bait bite starts almost immediately. When the activity will begin to fade, you need to conduct an immediate food.

As bait for catching bream in the autumn used bloodworms, the hook is placed on the beam. A little less attractive to bream sandwich from bloodworms and maggots, which, by the way, perfect for bait. Large specimens can take on a worm, but very rarely.

Bream in autumn become very shy and cautious, which alters the nature of the bite. For example, immediately after a few good bites can come complete calm. If in the summer the fish are often lured by the bait fell to the bottom, in autumn this will not happen. So here it is expedient to use a plug to 16 m in length. Since the main concern is the ability to keep the lure in place, you need to use a snap with a flat float. Not so long ago on the market there are floats made by the well-known «ship», in which any resistance is minimized. They have a high stability even in the strong currents. Vehicle is grusak that has the appearance of moving the olives that fell to the bottom.

One of the most effective ways of catching bream in the fall on larger rivers is the use of side rods with a number of features in the vehicle. When fishing in streams it is desirable to use a heavy jig in the form of drops weighing up to 10 oz. The bait can be made of lead and painted in Matt black. As bait you can take a bunch of bloodworm or maggots. Most importantly, the lure is moved along the bottom of the river, and fishing line stretched vertically. In order to do the cutting, use a nod with a soft tip and stiff the rest.


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